RJ Payne Jumps On The Jay-Z “God Did” Beat And Kills It

RJ Payne

RJ Payne blesses DJ Khaled’s “God Did” instrumental with his own bars on “Payne Did.”

RJ Payne has been working strategically, but has not put out music as often has he is known for. But, it would seem like Jay-Z has inspired him to drop heavy bars to the StreetRunner-produced track on the new DJ Khaled album. However, Payne does not adhere to the rules. He pounds away at the beat with his signature lyricism. The Philadelphia emcee has promised to restore order. “It breaks my heart to see everybody is still sleeping,” he says as a chainsaw roars in the back. “Its cool. Its time to wake everybody the f#ck up.” On the song he admits to having a song coming with Bun B. Check out “Payne Did” below.