Santino Le Saint- “The Party” Video

In full-blown party mode, Santino boasts his ability to thrive as the quintessential bad boy of turn up.

Santino Le Saint is the vibrant, young model and artist setting himself apart in the South London music scene.

Drawing on influences across a number of genres, such as R&B, soul, trap, rock, and even heavy metal, Le Saint is quickly gaining recognition for his unique sounds that challenge any musical preconceptions.

While these influences dating back to childhood are undoubtedly present, each of Le Saint’s songs feels entirely new as his soulful vocals overlay a hazy fusion of synths and well-placed guitar solos. What results is a feeling of depth and catharsis that is nothing short of striking.

Santino Le Saint’s intermix of trap soul and R&B, infused with an infectious somber-like resonance is an infallible sonic offering.

The London-based singer has mastered the ability to blend to create deep guitar solos over misty trap beats. On his latest release “The Party”, the “Blue Pill” singer switches gears and turns things up a notch.

Santino is also prepping his highly awaited ‘Red Pill’ EP slated for release on December 4th. Stay tuned for his performance on 300 ENT’s “Unplugged” performance series also.

Check out the video for “The Party” above!