Scrilla King Releases “Favor” Chet Haze Diss

Will Chet Haze Diss Back

It doesn’t look like Scrilla King and Chet Haze are going to be friends any time soon.

Scrilla has released a song “Favor,” which slights his former friend amid a party oriented song.

“I can’t f**k with you, no more I ain’t feelin’ it / You can hit my phone leave a message, I ain’t hearin it. /Catch me at the club candy clean like liquorish / I be pullin’ up every week with a different b***h,” the song says.

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Scrilla told that he made the song after Chet continued to send him disrespectful messages.

“After Chet texted me talking crazy like he was on cocaine, I decided to make a record expressing how I can’t be cool nor associate with a lame like him,” Scrilla said, “And [I] named the song ‘Favor’ because I’ve done more for him than he’s done for me.”

The pair were friends, but their issues swirled to the top as Chet Haze insisted on using the “N-Word.”

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