Singer-Songwriter Deana Fai: An Inspiring Artist Success Story

DeAna Fai was personally invited by the legendary Heavy D and J.F. Bey, the Former Bad Boy Entertainment Engineer, to join the writing team for Heavy’s album “Love Opus” in 2011.

DeAna Fai is a musician without boundaries. She’s both a singer and songwriter. She works in the music business as an entrepreneur. Her kindness has benefited many individuals in need. As an adolescent, DeAna Fai was intensely interested in music and the arts. This prompted her to pursue a career as an entertainer.

“Music is my unborn child.,” she says. “I nourish my craft, and I protect my dream.”

Early Musical Journey

DeAna Fai’s musical journey has been an interesting one. She started off singing in her church’s choir. This eventually led to her forming a group with her sister called “The Faison Sisters.” This eventually piqued the attention of a representative from the Healthy Families Partnership, who included DeAna Fai, her sister, and other kids on “Sing A Song For Love,” which aired worldwide for the organization as a signature song. DeAna Fai carried on and began composing original songs with her church choir.

While in high school, DeAna Fai was asked to create a song for “The City Of Hope” to perform during an outside charity event at a local Office Depot store, and she obliged. She sang “City of Hope” as a support instrument for youngsters with cancer, which was eventually broadcast live on Radio Disney.

Music Career

While at Norfolk State University, DeAna Fai began working with some interns and her song “Grown Woman” hit local radio stations WNSB Hot 91.1 and WOWI 103 Jamz in the Hampton Roads area in Virginia. It was also during this time that she connected with Thomas Taliaferro, a music producer who then had hit records with Michael Jackson, Bobby Brown, Blackstreet, and more.

DeAna Fai was then able to discover other important aspects of song production and the music business. She also acknowledges Rogers Brown, a former college music professor, who became a trusted source for music business-related information.

DeAna Fai Meets Heavy D

DeAna Fai was personally invited by the legendary Heavy D and J.F. Bey, the former Bad Boy Entertainment Engineer, to join the writing team for Heavy’s album “Love Opus” in 2011. The opportunity may have not been a placement on the album, but DeAna Fai assured me that it helped her focus more on different approaches to establishing herself in the entertainment industry as an artist.

While pursuing this, she was able to still submit records for possible placements for other artists associated with Bad Boy Entertainment thanks to Heavy D, J.F. Bey, and Hughes Felizor, former Bad Boy Entertainment A&R Coordinator.

DeAna Fai eventually created “Oxymoron Music Entertainment LLC” in April 2014. She eventually obtained several placements in films without managerial or agency representation. In 2015, she recorded a song titled “Breathe” for her first Hollywood Feature Film and romantic comedy titled “My Favorite Five” thanks to film director Paul Hannah.

In later years, additional film soundtrack appearances were made, including “Hey Mr. Postman!”, “Perfectly Single” and “Puzzled.” On the Fox TV series “Empire,” DeAna Fai played an upscale bar patron. She was chosen to appear on a program hosted by Loni Love after performing the version of “Listen” by Beyonce in 2020. The program titled “Loni Love’s Quarantine Talent Show” had between 50,000 to 100,000 viewers.

DeAna Fai started a podcast in 2021, titled “DeAna Fai presents Kings and Queens of Entertainment,” during which the celebrities shared their journey and more, on panels they were scheduled and blindly placed on. This also created a space for the entertainers to directly connect with each other and their fans on a fun and serious level. The first season of this podcast had over 60 entertainers, namely, actors, actresses, artists, music and film producers, comedians, etc. within the 12 episodes. Some celebrities that participated were Courtney Nichole, Makeba Woods, Larry Sims, DJ Babey Drew, Sharaya J, DJ Wayne Williams, Conroe Brooks, Angela White, Dr. Chanita Foster, Stevie Edwards, and James Worthy, etc.

Following the final episode of Season 1’s podcast, “DeAna Fai presents Kings and Queens of Entertainment Reunion Recap & Giveback” began production and is now in post-production. It mimics the podcast, except that it is a video version utilized to raise awareness for 2 foundations for the season finale. The two foundations include “The National Breast Cancer Foundation” and the “American Stroke Association.” There were 25 celebrities that came back to participate on this show, also including two others that weren’t originally on the podcasts.

The list includes Erica Hubbard, Tony Dofat, D-Teck, Rodney Perry, Lady Luck, Erika Ringor, Tyrell Crawford, Rebecca King Crews, Brandon Broady, Claudia Jordan, Candace Wakefield, Stevie Boi, Dunlap Exclusive, Tehran Von Ghasri, Rosemary Rodriguez, Melvin Jackson Jr., Rob Gordon, Sprague, TT The Artist, Jackie’s Boy, Kenneth Okolie, Kenya Brown, Rayshun LaMarr, DJ Pryor, Carrie Bernans, Hannon Lane, and Angelique Bates. DeAna Fai is looking to host a red carpet premiere in the coming months.

DeAna Fai is an artist who has found success in many different aspects of the music industry. From her early days singing in her church choir, creating original songs, and performing on television and in films, Fai has demonstrated her versatility and talent. In addition to her success as an artist, Fai is also a generous philanthropist, helping people through her charitable work.

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