Sleeze The Kingpin- “On Gang” Ft. 504 Fiend

Sleeze The Kingpin is a natural-born storyteller who is admired for his clever wordplay.

Transition and testimony are understatements when it comes to Sleeze The Kingpin.

2019 was indeed a rough year for the emerging star, as he spent the first few months of the year behind bars, as he was suspected of being the mastermind of a Christmas-day murder. Even though he had absolutely no involvement, just being suspected of this crime caused him to lose most of what he held dear to him in life.

While behind bars, his life on the outside, goals, wins and losses were daily thoughts.

He was previously an active-duty soldier, entrepreneur, restaurant owner and proud father that was happily living life and seeing the world. During the months behind bars, he was now a slave to suspicions that were changing his life. Everything appeared to be slipping through his fingers.

While incarcerated, Sleeze vowed to use this situation that was meant to break him to build an empire.

Just a few weeks after being released, Sleeze began his career as an artist. Instead of being defeated by these circumstances, Sleeze turned them into fire, and they are lighting his way. 

Check out Sleeze’s new single and video “On Gang” featuring 504 Fiend.