Snoop Puts On For Long Beach With New Mixtape Featuring LBC Talent


A few months ago there were rumors that someone tried to test Snoop’s G pass in his own hood. Really? Well for all those haters out there that don’t think Snoop Dogg still has ties to his old stomping ground, think again.

Teaming up with DJ Drama, one of the illest mixtape DJs in the streets, Snoop drops his new project: LBC Movement Presents “Beach City.” The tape starts off with a simple West Coast slapper produced by Scoop Deville and everything flows like water from there. Yup, Snoop is all the way Cripped up on this one, from the intro all the way through, Snoop is letting you know he’s in those streets regardless of what people say.

This time the King of Long Beach grabbed some of the most exciting new talent from the LBC for his Gangsta Grillz tape, unveiling the Beach City movement. Look out for some of these acts that Snoop is co-signing on the tape: Willie Mammuth, Beefy Bankz, Fade R.R., Jooba Loc, Duce 2 Tha, SD The Emcee, Sam I am, Yung Zeke, TS-Zilla, Young Sagg, Ju Da Truth, Yada.