Stefflon Don Gets Glamourous In “Can’t Let You Go” Video

Quality Control artist Stefflon Don checks in from the U.K. with a new track called “Can’t Let You Go.”

Critically acclaimed British rapper, singer and songwriter Stefflon Don releases the video for her new single “Can’t Let You Go” (Quality Control Music/Motown).

The video, directed by Adriaan Louw (Major Lazer, Mabel), see the “16 Shots” hitmaker and her Dons dancing and making glamour look bad-ass cool.

“For this track, I wanted to lean into my natural singing voice and also experiment with doing some of the melodies in Yoruba. The overall vibe of the track is underpinned by a sultry Afro Beats sound. I always love to fuse all of my cultural influences into my work, because I am very much inspired by different parts of the world.”

“Can’t Let You Go” is Stefflon Don’s second release this year after “Move”, her first new music in 2020. Check out the lyrics:

Let me give you this ting weh you wanting/I could be your girl, sugar dumpling, aye/And if I komole le le le
Oya shé mi je je je/You wanna have my body bending over/Anytime and anywhere/Boy, you know you cah waste time/You give me the wickedest whine/Yeah, mi love yuh long, long time/(Yeah, mi love yuh long, long time)/Bentley be di moto joko/You fi mek mi siding pon it ya photo/Mek I switch de tempo mek it go slow/Till I can’t get enough, till I can’t get enough