The Umbrella Collective’s Substance810 Teams Up With Loretta Records Founder Observe Since ’98 To Drop “The Lion’s Share”


Fans of golden era Hip-Hop can rejoice, Michigan based Substance810 has teamed up with the Wisconsin producer/label owner Observe since ’98 to bring fans the highly anticipated “The Lion’s Share.”

The main complaint about the new era of Hip-Hop is a distinct lack of creativity and substance. Yet one just has to have their ear to the ground to know there is a sizable contingent carrying the torch for intricate wordplay and sample-based beats. One such crusader fighting the good fight is Port Huron emcee Substance810.

As he puts it, “The name is literal. I’m bringing real substance. I’m giving listeners me on every song, with every word. I feel it’s my responsibility to be as transparent as possible.” 810 is the area code for East Central Michigan, added as a way to put his region on the map. As a part of the Umbrella Collective and as a solo artist, Sub has been making a lot of noise over the last couple of years. If his recent LP with legendary Beat Junkies DJ, D-Styles, is any indication, his time is nigh. 

After dropping a barrage of stink-face-inducing bars on Observe since ’98’s “Muerte de un Salvaje” LP, Sub was approached by the producer/label owner to do a full-length project. Observe is well known for his archaeological deep digs for samples, and when it comes to his producer albums, he tends to pick a specific country and style of music to pull from to create a cohesive body of work.

On principle, he eschews the all-too-common soul sample. However, he took it as a challenge when Sub requested “that soul sound” and then reveled in the thrill of unearthing records untouched by fellow crate diggers. 

The result of this artistic pairing is music that was created with incredible ease. No sooner would Observe send over the beats than Substance would have the verses back to him. It’s almost like the lyrics wrote themselves. Similarly, the emcees they invited to contribute effortlessly heighten the vibe. “The Lion’s Share” will take you back to a time when heads focused on crafting a timeless classic rather than pumping out release after release strictly for financial gain. 

“The Lion’s Share drops on all digital streaming services on 4/7/2023. Vinyl will be available on Bandcamp via Loretta Records, and CD’s and cassettes will be for sale on 

Substance810 & Observe since ’98: The Lion’s Share (track details)
Long Nights Alone (Intro)

Power for Provisions

Lions Share (feat. Supreme Cerebral) Strike Like Lightning (feat. Jamil Honesty) Safari Tour (skit)

Wally Moccasins (feat. Mickey Diamond)

Mechanical Movements (feat. Asun Eastwood & DJ Grazzhoppa) Until You Lose It (feat. Maze Overlay)

Waiting on the Lion (skit)

Lookin in the Mirror (feat. Ralphiie Reese) No Love Lost

It’s Over (Outro) The Devil (Bonus)

Sudden Death (Bonus)