Tatted Swerve Is the Best New NYC Recording Artist on the Scene

Swerve has an electrifying stage presence that instantly gains cheers from the audience.

By 2021, brands worldwide unanimously agree on the power of social media as a marketing tool in the digital world. With the onset of the pandemic, many businesses were on the verge of closing down, and some even succumbed to the economic crisis. Those that managed to stay afloat were smart enough to embrace digitalization to stay in tune with the new normal. Artists were no exception here.

With concerts and live shows being canceled for the unknown future, many musicians and artists took to social media to showcase their talent. Tatted Swerve is one such music talent who has been storming digital media with his unique rapping style. 

Tatted Swerve is from New York, the cradle of hip-hop. This obviously had an impact on the artist while growing up. He had always set his benchmark higher because he knows that a music artist hailing from NYC has big shoes to fill. However, he chose rap as his area of dominance because he is absolutely in love with this genre. This doesn’t mean he doesn’t incorporate hip-hop, though. Tatted Swerve blends rap into contemporary music that often follows hip-hop undertones. 

He stepped into the music industry as a live performer at shows and concerts. He has an electrifying stage presence that instantly gains cheers from the audience. He believes that live shows help music artists connect with the audience on a deeper level. The feeling of performing in front of a live audience and seeing them enthralled by the music always gave him a sense of accomplishment. 

When Swerve felt that his career in the music industry had just taken off, the onset of the pandemic turned it upside down. With all his live shows postponed for an undecided period, Swerve was left with no option but to sulk at home, reminiscing his earlier performances. It was then he took to social media to make independent music and release it to a global audience. His unique sense of music and unconventional rapping style was well-received by his online audience, making him a music sensation on social media. 

Today, Tatted Swerve has a whopping number of fan followers across all social media platforms. His collab performance with the famous singer/rapper Coi Leray has been his biggest success so far. The song took the internet by storm and became a viral trend on social media for a while. This was the kind of response that Tatted Swerve had long been expecting. The song became his biggest motivation to carve a niche for himself in the music industry. 

All the success Tatted Swerve as a rapper and performer has achieved did not come easy. Being brought up in a neighborhood infested with crime and narrow-minded people, Swerve had to work hard to find his way into the music industry. He believes that an artist, or to be precise a musician, can never let themself go even after achieving success because it is a continuous process. With every successful release, Swerve has set a new standard for himself that he must meet in his next project to keep the audience engaged and enjoy the limelight. 

Going forward, Swerve wants to return to live show arenas. Even if it is conducted live on a digital platform, Swerve would love to be a part of it, knowing that his performance will be watched by millions of people live from the comfort of their homes.