The Spotlight: Meet This Year’s Rising Talents to Recognize

Listed below are names and faces from around the world that you definitely want to get familiar with in 2021.

The new era of music is here. As the year winds to an end, artists are closing out the 4th quarter strong with new singles, videos, ep’s, and albums. Presented below is a list of artists that are consistently bringing the heat. These artists deserve recognition for their talent and achievements. Listed below are names and faces from around the world that you definitely want to get familiar with in 2021. These artists are coming strong this year with new music and will look to carry the momentum in 2022. 

38 Goblin – “Better Days” – Baton Rouge Louisiana Hiphop Artist 38 Goblin speaks of hoping for better days and not knowing if he will live to see tomorrow, he speaks about the ones he loved and trusted and how they betrayed him and almost had him killed. He mentions he wants revenge for situations that have happened in the past, he speaks of god and the devil being his only witnesses. He speaks on his success and how everyone around him wants him to fail. | IG: @38Goblin 

Aztek Nando – “Disrespectful” – Aztek Nando a Southwest Detroit newcomer on the come up with his versatile style. Dope flows, lyrics and consistency just to name a few quality traits. With features from OG’s Like Juan Gotti to some of the hottest independent artists like Gt Garza and Emilio Rojas. You will not be disappointed. Check out his whole catalog that is sure to catch your attention. | IG: @AztekNando 

Banq Boyz – The member names are Stixx Dinero, Wugatti, Pee Rada & KMR DA Focus. They are the next supergroup blowing up on the hip-hop scene. The BANQ BOYZ sound is a sound of their own authenticity and originality. Their stage presence is an exciting burst of energy that rappers of today no longer exhibit. One reason for the group’s success is that they have a strong family bond. The group is made up of 3 brothers and a cousin. That is what makes the group’s bond unbreakable. Their breakout hit titled City Man did well and was a tribute to the state of Michigan where they were born and raised. The video was shot at U of M which is one of the most prestigious colleges in the US. | IG: @banqboyz

Bhevy – “Lick” – Dropping out of Dyckman is rising rhymer Bhevy. Using the quarantine lock down to his advantage, he took the down time to cook up some new heat in the lab. Keeping up the momentum following the release of his project HoodStarzz, Bhevy returns. Back like he never left, Bhevy drops off his trendy track titled, “Lick”. On September 17th, 2021 the emerging artist released his record on all streaming platforms. Since, the track has already garnered nice traction and great feedback. His high energy lyricism keeps you intrigued as it’s laid over the hypnotizing production. Press play on “Lick” below and be sure to follow and stream Bhevy! | IG: @bhevy500

Bonds Simmons – “Local Legend” – Bonds Simmons just released his latest studio album “Local Legend” with features from Kidd Kidd, Bigga Rankin, Dark Lo, Glo Muzik, Zy Guuwop, & Ray Vic. This album is str8 fiah!!! Follow Bonds Simmons on all platforms Visit | IG: @bondssimmons 

Boy Wonda – “Gutta 2 Glory” – Realizing the struggle and pain within today’s culture, sometimes it’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel, But in the midst of darkness is when the light shines the most. Sometimes we feel like we’ve been at the bottom so long we don’t know what the top feels like. Central Florida Artist Boy Wonda drops a banger, an anthem produced by In House Producers featuring Tim Moses of Groveland, FL to help those who feel like they are still in the gutter and need a little help getting out. This record is truly for ‘’The Underdogs’’. Gutta 2 Glory is the Epitome of one who feels defeated but never gives up through hard work, dedication, consistency, and commitment, it shows that no matter the circumstances there’s always the possibility that we still can triumph into victory. Gutta 2 Glory is available now. | IG: @officialbwonda

Brandon Rose ft. GeminiJynX & Jadakiss – “Flood The Town” – Brandon Rose is back with another banga! The rising Bronx, NY artist links up with GeminiJynX and Jadakiss to bring you a hot new single titled “Flood The Town”. The music video accumulated over 1.5 million views on WorldstarHipHop in 24 hours, along with being on the trending section. This joint is str8 fiah with almost a million views on Facebook and 100k+ streams on YouTube!  | IG: @_BrandonRose_

Cal Beezy – “Macaroni” – Cal-Beezy is one half of the group Spit 2 Kill (S2K). Born and raised on the EastSide of San Antonio Tx. Cal Beezy has one of the newest trending singles out right now blazing the radio charts with his radio single titled “Macaroni“. Cal-Beezy’s story is deeper than most, Cal started rapping at the age of twelve and recording himself at the age of thirteen in the middle of the living room with a radio playing the beat, while recording it with a computer mic. Beezy made cds and passed them out around school and in the streets and built a strong fan base quickly. At seventeen Cal started recording with XTC Records and doing shows until he kept getting arrested. On Sept.19th,Cal finished doing two and a half years in the federal penitentiary, Since being released he has been back in the studio recording and doing shows with Hated By Many ent. and released his radio single macaroni.Cal Beezys influences are pimp c, zro because he feels like he can relate to them. Now he is on the way to the top… | IG: @CalBeezyMusic 

Chyng Diamond – “Get It Go” – Self-proclaimed queen of Omaha, NE, Nenzingha Davis, better known as Chyng Diamond, is a 25-year-old rapper who has already lived a lifetime of experiences and is ready to share her lessons learned with those who are willing to hear it. Growing up, she was influenced by her family in the art of rapping; both her mother and brother are rappers. Having been raised around gang life and violence, Chyng has seen how horrid those experiences can be for people and wants to use her voice in her music to bring light to dark situations. A voice for all of those who doubt themselves, Chyng embodies overcoming diversity to attain the highest goals a person sets for themselves, all while being a boss ass b####. Chyng Diamond hopes to be the person referenced when people say something can’t be done, “well, Chyng did it.” | IG: @chyngdiamond 

D.Denzel – “Spanish Girl” – Rising Toronto, Canada based artist D.Denzel just dropped a hot new album titled “Welcome To The Jngl”, available now on his website: His new album encompasses the amalgamation message and movement (LYOW) “Lead Your Own Way!” and is packed with hit singles! Make sure you check it out now! D.Denzel is definitely a rising artist to watch in 2021! | IG: @D.Denzel38

DawnDe(1) – “Luv2.0” – Born and Raised in Birmingham, AL but ascended into S.P.A.C.E in the year 2013, DawnDe(1) began his creative musical journey to give peace and joy. He took a break to find that p.e.a.c.e again when he gave the world his project, “Freedom” in 2018, now he’s returned with a hot new single called “Luv2.0” with a message of Luv and Soul. Looking to spotlight the love for his city and as well as love for humanity. He seeks to teach the world how to love again with his brand new Ep project, “From Kemet wit Luv” dropping Oct. 15th 2021.Lets Luv Again da Space way!! | IG: @Dawnde1

DHS – “Bloodline Freestyle” – Out of West Philadelphia, Mr. Mossberg Banga who’s an entrepreneur is the founder and owner of the record label Hilltop Coalition Entertainment. Determined to put out good music as a solo artist he also took the initiative to keep his close friends/family alongside him along the way. Mr. Banga has been one fourth of the group Dark Hustlaz Society for the past decade and a half. The group is composed of Mr. Banga, L Crock, Loc, Sam G, and the late J Curtis who was called home from his savior 7 years ago. Check out “Bloodline Freestyle” now and look out for their new EP dropping soon!! | IG: @MrBanga63_real_mosbergbanga

Don Ali – “Dream” – Don Ali is a young west coast artist on the rise. Born and raised in Hawthorne, CA. Although not gang affiliated, the street life has always been very close to him and his family. Having most of his family affiliated with the streets from his father E-Roc Young who is also a artist and CEO of Eternal Music Group, uncles and cousins as well. Don Ali used sports and music as his way to get away from the continuous pressures of the streets. Growing up around music his whole life it was clear to see how he picked up the craft of hip hop so easily. Featuring on two E-Roc Young albums it was time for him to step out on his own. In late December 2020 Don Ali signed to independent label Eternal Music Group which he is part owner. Releasing his first single “Dead Wrong” in May 2021 hitting the iTunes Music charts reaching #55 in hip hop. Also over 250k in streams on Spotify this is from his up-incoming debut album “Welcome 2 My World” to be released later 2021 he is off and running. Don Ali’s newest single DREAM has also had success on the iTunes Hip Hop charts hitting #66. This father son duo is really making some noise and hitting their mark in the music industry. These two black entrepreneurs are showing you what black excellence truly is. Go follow them and keep in touch on what their next move is | IG @ERocYoung & @ThaDonAli

Dukk – “Anti” – South Carolina recording artist Dukk is establishing his brand in hip hop as a solid performer, writer, and music producer on the rise. When it comes to his work in the studio, Dukk drops lyrics on the mic with a natural talent and ability to captivate his listeners by taking them into his world reflecting upon his past experiences of running the streets to serving our country. Right out of high school, Dukk joined the United States Army in order to expand his perspective on what life has to offer. While stationed in Iraq, he discovered his passion for music. Dukk has opened for mainstream artists Gucci Mane, Trinidad James, Gorilla Zoe, Lil Webbie, etc. With his career progressing at a fast rate, Dukk acquired new management structuring big plans for his future. His capability to differentiate his style as well as his lyrical content sets him apart from other upcoming artists in the entertainment industry. Check out his new hit single “Anti” now! | IG: @dukk1me 

Escovar – “Bars” (Hosted by Busta Rhymes) – Rising artist Escovar just dropped a hot new single called “Bars”, hosted by Busta Rhymes. It’s about writing your own rhymes, an anti-coward song meant to encourage the artist or listener to be the authors of their own journey…Written, produced, mixed & mastered by Escovar. Check out “Bars” now. This joint is fiah! | IG: @EscovarMusic

FlowKase – “FlowByTheBeach” – Rising artist FlowKase just released a hot new album titled “FlowByTheBeach”. Make sure you check it out now and follow him on social media for his latest releases. FlowKase is definitely a rising artist to watch of 2021! | IG: @flowkase 

Flynn Brand – Honorary mention: Fashion. Flynn Brand a designer Streetwear Brand. Established at the height of a worldwide pandemic to show people that the American Dream is alive and well today! Even at our darkest hour, Flynn Brand wants to show the world we don’t have to shut down when they say stop. So go ahead and cop yourself some of Flynn Brand’s drop today! Show the world “There isn’t nothing stopping us!” | IG: @flynn.brand |

G Thugg – “Livin It” ft. Swifty Blue – G Thugg’s new hit single “Livin It” takes listeners on a trip to the west side. Produced by Freddie Moore the song incorporates true Cali vibes with a feature from Paramount native Swifty Blue. G Thugg and Swifty Blue interchange tales of their lifestyle over a melodic beat guaranteed to keep people entertained. | IG: @gthugg561  

Grand Gulla – “J.J. Myers“ – Grand Gulla is a very well-known Seattle artist who has a slew of noteworthy accomplishments in the Seattle area. Those include a top 5 finish for best album in the Seattle Sound Music Awards 2017, top 5 for best new artist in 2018, winner of “internet hustler of the year” in 2019, and he recently did an interview with stardom101mag in its September issue. He was also on the cover of a locally printed magazine called Katana Magazine. He has three official albums at the moment the first is called  “The Sea-Tour”  Lisenced2Whip” & his latest is called “JJ Meyers”. He also has an official music video for a song called “Omaha” here. | IG: @grandgulla 

Half Ounce – “Trap Spot” – The Inglewood boss/ Wrongkind capo “Half ounce” returns with the underground anthem “Trap Spot” the story of starting in one spot an grinding thru the obstacles to make it to the top…So hit play and trap it out with ounce…  | IG: @Halfounce500

Harmini –  This year is one of great influence and achievements for the Texas-based Christian artist. With surprises on the way, Harmini is currently in the spotlight in his category. He has gained his fame from his master singing and rapping skills, acting, and impact in the entertainment industry. Progressing greatly in his journey daily, his impact is becoming a global movement. | @Harmini731 

Iso Zah – “Premium” – North Carolina’s next big star has arrived! ISO ZAH is a force to be reckoned with coming off his latest single titled “Premium”. Gearing up for his forthcoming EP release, the southern rapper is booked weekly for shows and gigs keeping his fans entertained and up to date with the latest creation coming from the ISO sound. On “Premium” you will hear this lyricist spitting about making his dreams a reality while becoming the hottest dude in his city of Charlotte, North Carolina. Putting hard work in day in and day out, ISO does an impressive job of creating a high energy record that soars to new heights over the palpitating trap beat. If you are looking for real Hip Hop, raw bars and star like qualities you will find that in Iso Zah. Checkout his “Premium” single and see what the south has to say! | IG: @isozah 

Jerome Whitaker – “Back Home” – Michigan’s Jerome Whitaker shares his new song “Back Home” along with the official music video. In Jerome’s catchy new love record, he makes a song for those that have that one person that never leaves their life. In the video, his love interest flies in and they spend the entire day together. This song is relatable because we all have that one we can always go to. That one that makes us feel complete! “Back Home” will be on Jerome’s upcoming album Microphone LEGEND which is prepared to drop soon. Be on the lookout for the new project and go ahead and press play on his new song “Back Home.” | IG: @Ez_Ljayy

Kalah Bishop – “Loopy” – Buffalo Native Femcee Kalah Bishop just dropped a hot new single titled “Loopy” off her album “Success is Revenge 2”. With influences like Nas and J. Cole, her energy, talent and story-telling ability have made her a favorite within the Western New York music scene. In addition to performing for a loyal fan base as part of Western New York’s Hip Hop Community and being known for heavy hitting punchlines and metaphors, Kalah’s original sound of music is another step forward. Follow Kalah on social media for her latest releases and stream her new project “Success Is Revenge Vol 2.” on all streaming platforms. | IG: @Its_KalahBishop

Khaleel Mandel – “Birdies Chirp” – Connecticut Native artist Khaleel Mandel released his latest state-of-the-art single ‘Birdies Chirp’. It’s a self produced record with a beat Mandel originally made for Hip Hop Pioneer Q-Tip, and is a song highlighting Khaleel’s musical multiplicity. With bass having a predominant presence Khaleel then adds a sea of unheard flows while “I’m optimistic because birdies chirp” serves as a centerpiece lyric. The infusion of Mandel’s first class singing is the mixture solidifying his originality. ‘Birdies Chirp’ includes the combination of Khaleel’s abilities as an MC & Vocalist. At age 27, Khaleel Mandel’s catalogue has already amassed millions of streams worldwide and has received critical acclaim across various platforms. As Khaleel states on the final verse of ’Birdies Chirp’ — “CBS told y’all I’m composer of the 2020s — that’s what we call a dynasty ; he especially backs up this declaration with his versatile discography that’s lead by compositions entirely made by Khaleel Mandel himself. There’s not a single style Khaleel’s unable to make. ’Birdies Chirp’ is available on all streaming outlets today. | IG: @OneKhaleel Mandel

Kick 5000 – “Offer” – Kick 5000 is a generational musician who specializes in Hip Hop, R&B, Reggae. Having realized that he has the talent and passion, he decided to study music; after spending countless hours listening to catalogs of music, he honed his skills and worked on his melodies. The offer speaks of my transition from Ny to fl. It speaks about how I have the skills to accommodate almost anything I need. Speaks of how my growth of music is bringing in multiple offers that did not exist. | IG: @ Kick_5000_Music

King Keon – “Like Master P” – Presented by K.O.K Records, King Keon drops all new cutting-edge visuals for the highly favored single “Like Master P”. First of its kind, King strays away from showing off fast cars and goes much bigger, as the video is set in a gritty mechanic shop for 18-wheeler trucks. K.O.K records seem to have turned the body shop into a “money-making” hub featuring an underground fight club, with prized fighters and lots of cash flow. There is no lack of dime pieces in this production, King is accompanied by a diverse group of stunning, yet exotic camouflage-wearing mechanics. Directed by Rock Davis, KOK Records brings “no limit” feeling energy to the screen.  | IG: @KeonTok

Kingz Kounty 2wiinz – “Wit These Bars” – Wit These Bars is an explicitly delivered message to all who try to categorize Kingz Kounty 2wiinz  as only “Conscious rappers”. Though they spread knowledge and intellectual motivation to reach higher at all times, they are reminding fellow rappers that they can go bar for bar with anyone. “Wit These Bars” is the start of a single release series dropping every month using the “titles” of each song to tell a story. Kingz Kounty 2wiinz show that not only are their deliveries, schemes, and bars meant for mass consumption, but their storytelling is on a whole other tier. Check out this hot new joint now along with “In Hell”, the intro for the album titled “In Order Of Precedence” The goal was to deliver an album for their sons delivering a deep message with the track names and content: Who would’ve knew, 2 Doomed N*****, Acquired Knowledge, Found 2 Queens, Faced Death, And Left Behind You. | IG: @kingz_kounty_2wiinz 

Krishaun – “Who Let The Freaks Out?” – Krishaun is back with another hot single titled “Who Let the Freaks Out?”. His new release is getting everybody hype and hyper & a lot of energy dancing until they sweat to their knees. This song was sampled from The Rugrats movie soundtrack who let the dogs out by Baha Men. Krishaun also has another hot new release “D-Boy Block”, which is bringing heat to the streets! D-Boy Block is getting global attention and making history in the industry. Check it out now! | IG: @Krishaundaghost 

Ku-Laid Thee Entertainer – The Michigan based talent is known for his vibrant personality and versatile music. He does the “entertainer” in his name justice. From a rap artist to podcast host, this dynamic individual has a lot to offer. His latest news? Well, he plans on dropping music each month for all eyes and ears to recognize. | IG: @ku_laid 

M2TK – “Cash is What I’m Gettin” – M2thak is back with another banga! The famous YouTube prankster, social media influencer, and rap icon drops another hit single titled “Cash is What I’m Gettin”. M2thak gained popularity for his original public pranks and social experiments, and is considered one of the pioneers of YouTube. He is also signed to SODMG Records and has been a confidant and business partner to Soulja Boy since 2008. Currently, M2thak is the director of brand partnerships and influencer operations for Monster Inc. M2thak is definitely a name you want to get familiar with! | IG: @m2thakshow

Moesha Buckholtz – Moesha Buckholtz is an artist based out of Deerfield Beach, Florida. In addition to her faith, her passion for music has sustained her through life’s trials since she was a little girl. Her heart’s desire is to use her gifts in music to give glory and honor to the true living King – Jesus Christ. | IG: @mo_ox5 

MOH Hood – “Closure” – Hood grew up a musician, his voice became his instrument. From singing to acting throughout schools and churches he learned what made him valuable. His passion was for life. Good or bad, his voice is powerful and was meant for him to pay forward it’s lessons. | IG: @Moh.Hood.Dangerous

Muriel – Presenting North America’s Muriel Argueta, better known as Muriel on all streaming platforms. Muriel was born in Dallas, Texas and raised in Oak Cliff, Texas. The RnB star bears the talent of many endowments. Muriel is a mother, an independent artist, and a motivational influencer on social media. She has only just begun to break into the field of music as a professional recording artist. Her EP titled Trust the Process currently has the spotlight. | IG: @murie1l 

N.e.r.d. life by D’Vo – “The Codex: Court Vision” – N.e.r.d. life by D’Vo is an anonymous Experimental Hip Hop and Neo-Soul Artist based in Houston, TX. He is the creator of the Christian Hip Hop Series, “The Codex” which will be an extension of eleven albums. D’Vo harnesses his passion to serve God while offering messages of hope, peace, and love within his music. What listeners love the most is his unique ability to fuse underground hip-hop elements like slowed and chopped with neo-soul; much of which is inspired by Houston’s contribution to the hip-hop scene. His latest release “The Codex: Court Vision’‘ is the 3rd album to join The Codex series, released September 14, 2021. “Destined For Greatness” from the album is also in the top 20 DRT Indie Chart at the time of this writing. So far his songs have received over 50 radio placements and D’Vo will continue to share his story about Jesus’ redemption, the Word of God, and bringing it to an even bigger audience than ever before. | IG: @nerdlifebydvo

Neosha – “Fall Away” – Neosha is back with a hot new single titled “Fall Away”. The track is about the journey of self discovery as a person and artist throughout life. Reminding everyone that in order to have room for the good in your life, the things that no longer work for you must be eliminated. Whether that’s people, places, things, or mindsets. It’s not an easy task and it’ll hurt like hell, but the growth that comes with it is worth every pain and loss along the way. It’s also a reminder that it’s your time whenever you choose it to be, you just gotta do the footwork. | IG: @NeoshaMusic 

OnlyJahmez – “Demons” – Music’s very own King Of The Suburbs and popular introvert hailing from Clayton, New Jersey. Onlyahmez has built a significant buzz over the past few years with his diverse, relatable music that taps into multiple emotions akin to the human soul. Features on MTV, BET, Audiomack, and several other notable platforms for eccentric singles such as “Thoughts” and “Demons” really have the musician on a roll. Soon the Savior of Jersey music plans to unveil a project titled ‘Respectfully toxic,’ which tackles many sides of millennial emotions and topics. Stay tuned into OnlyJahmez; he’s one of one. | IG @onlyjahmez

Pablo Sanchez – “Covid 21” – Pablo Sanchez is a rising artist born and raised in Columbus, OH. Pablo Sanchez has multiple hits currently brewing, and big plans for the release of his next mixtape “The Kure” with his highlighted feature “Covid 21”. Pablo Sanchez’s flow, delivery and versatility will take him far in this industry. He creates music that uplifts people and motivates others who came from the same struggle. To music for the streets, down to the sexy music for the ladies, to bop music that makes you want to dance. Keep a look out for this upcoming artist! | IG: @Pablo_PabloSanchez

Ramin Bidar – “In Front of Me” – Ramin Bidar is a DJ and record producer born and raised in Dubai, U.A.E. with a Persian ethnic background. He won The Indie Gathering International Film Scoring Award in 2011 & 2012 receiving 1st place. He also won The American SongWriting Awards Grand Prize in 2014, and he received 2nd place in Deadmau5’s official remix competition in 2017. Ramin Bidar is most notable for his exuberant, richly orchestrated, fusion of EDM, pop and hip hop. With his recent success he received his first number one in the month of August 2021 on the Digital Radio Tracker Top 150 Global Independent Airplay Chart for his chart topping single, “In Front of Me” featuring Grammy nominated songwriter, Hookman & Elijah McCoy. His single has already played in front of an audience of 10 million music lovers across the USA and was on rotation on Dash Radio and iheart radio stations. The music video for “In Front of Me” was shot in Los Angeles, USA. The multi-faceted creative has received over 1 million views on TikTok. | IG: @RaminBidar 

RayMula – “Dark Clouds” – In the song “Dark Clouds”, RayMula depicts dealing with & going through the everyday struggles of growing up in the hood. Losing family & friends to death, the jail system or the streets so regularly became normal. But it’s not normal & the song “Dark Clouds” is all about persevering through those storms & situations, wanting & making more opportunities for yourself. Stand the rain because after every storm there’s sunshine. | IG: @FF_RayMula

Roc Writah – “Neighborhood” – Roc Writah is self-proclaimed “Rapper’s Favorite Rapper.” Born in Baltimore, Maryland, the home of “The Wire,” he is slowly making good on his promise to show his community, loved ones, and any doubters that talent and hard work can exist in the same form. His words are like poetry engaging in melodic feels as his subtle, but not-nice approach creates nostalgia. Known for lyrics that cut deep and a voice that soothes the ears, Writah does not intend to knock on the door nor ask for permission; Baltimore is alive and well in this young man, and each release will draw you closer towards this young hopeful. And it is only the beginning; Less Stress More Roc Writah! | IG: @rocwritah

S.Burley – “Road To Riches” – Located in the Tampa Bay area, S.Burley is a hip hop Emcee and producer who provides a classic rap sound on modern life issues. His new single “Road To Riches”, is a catchy and high energy track tailor made for young motivated entrepreneurs seeking knowledge and financial literacy. This highly anticipated track was just released on all music platforms Sept. 24th, soon after, the music video will be released in preparation for his upcoming album ‘’High Frequency’’.  S.Burley shows the talent he possess for doing more than most artists making party music by displaying the combination of having a strong message, lyrics, and vocal performance. Subscribe to his youtube channel and his Exclusive Playlist on his website. S.Burley is here to speak to the people and create positive change. | IG: @sburleytbjr

Storm V – “Moody” – Storm V is from Harlem, NY. She specializes in rap and hip hop with a vibe that is undeniable. She began her music journey in 2016 with her single “Skrrt Skrrt” (pull up) and she is currently pushing “Moody” – which is definitely a mood. Storm is influenced by her love for music and the art of rap and writing. Storm’s mission is to gain more fans and get people in tune with her music. She wants to use her gift and talent to help elevate the music industry. | IG: @ prettymoneyrecords

T_Raxx – This talent is an up and coming producer based out of Fort Collins, Colorado, but grew up in Arlington, Texas. “I have an interest in all genres, but rap is my ultimate passion,” he shares. “Rap music has saved my life on more than one occasion and I’m ravenously hungry to spend my time giving back to the genre and culture that’s me so much purpose. I’m experienced in beat making, mixing, and song arrangement, in addition to playing the guitar. I’m ready to put my skills and vision to work forging the future of Rap, so get at me if you want the sauce, and let’s make history together.” | IG: @t_raxxproductions

The Band of the Hawk – “HTX” – A crew song about our hometown Space City TX. Featured on our latest compilation and vinyl release Feathers: II. Check us out with a new song every week and a new Vinyl release every month. | IG: @bandofthehawk_

The hit single was played all Summer on Hot97 and Shade45 from HeavyHitter DJ’s DJ Drewski and Dj Wallah earning over 20 playlist submissions from Spotify curators. Flood The Town has been played all around the world and on multiple radio stations. The hit record has been spun in many of the nightclubs in the tristate area, even by DJ SpinKIng. Check out this dope joint now! | IG: @_brandonrose_ 

Tim Moses – Pastor Tim Moses is a well rounded Songwriter/Producer who has worked with multiple labels and companies, helping develop artists sound and flavor. “I just want to love music like we used to..” says the soulful saint of Central FL. | Crosstown Christian Assembly

Tony Da Kidd – “And Beyond” – Rising South Carolina artist Tony Da Kidd returns with, And Beyond, a follow-up from his last full-length project, Somewhere Writing, delivering versatile sounds that are sure to turn heads and keep the audience tuned in. The talented artist is making a name for himself with his versatile sound, flow, and authenticity. With the release of his latest project, And Beyond, Tony’s securing his place as the artist on the rise. He showcases his talent for merging genres and sounds, creating a well-crafted tape. Make sure you check it out now! | IG: @tonydakidd 

Y.A. Sinatra – “Life & Stories” – Life & stories talks about life lessons and stories from Y.A. Sinatra’s point of view, while bringing awareness to a lot of things that goes on. This is real hip hop! | IG: @official_y.a.sinatra

Viktoria Vera – Her multifaceted and sophisticated pop sound is rooted in a wide range of inspirations absorbed from her time growing up singing in her home country of Poland where she performed regularly from a young age in the churches and cathedrals of Krakow near Tarnow. Her love for Rnb and soul music fuels her creative process where she seeks to fuse together retro soul and new soul sounds with contemporary production and electronic elements. Newest collaboration release in the spotlight is to be revealed in October! | IG: @viktoriavera_ 

Whomptie – “Outsider” – “Outsider” is about Being an outsider to the world of relationships but still wanting someone. It is also about being outside of your head/normal state of mind while constantly trying to grab the attention of whoever you can’t stop thinking about. Sometimes people have had to take my phone away because I’ve been out of control, saying dumb stuff to try to get someone to love me, when the whole time they were unbothered and didn’t care. I feel like a lot of people have had those nights where you’ve been drinking too much and all of a sudden you start thinking about that person you always think about when you get trashed, so you start blowing up their phone with complete disregard for everything just because you want their attention, love, or both. On the other end, some people tend to realize that the stress they’re putting themselves through isn’t worth it and they need to shift their focus on prioritizing themselves instead of beating a dead horse. | IG: @whomptie

YBW Goldi3 – “Remain Humble” – Rising Buffalo, New York artist YBW Goldi3 just dropped a hot new album titled “Remain Humble”. “The title is a reminder to myself to remain humble as I am entering a game of brashness, also to let any MC listening know to remain humble if their s### ain’t hot like mines”. The project was aimed at showing his versatility. He can do a lot. He can really rap, but he can also make catchy hooks and hold a medley, so we wanted to walk you through everything. It is a mixtape, but done in album form to show and prove his music is professional and radio-ready. We wanted to give you a full project, so you get a little of everything from the hard imposing intro, to the wave “Approach Me” brings. The whole album is solid throughout with no drop-offs. Check out “Remain Humble” now and look out for his new project on the way! | IG: @ybw_goldi3

Young Ra – Young Ra is a Detroit based artist notoriously known for his hit song “Uh Oh” featuring popular rapper Sada Baby and Lexxi Morang. Currently, Young Ra is getting mainstream radio Recognition on the hottest HipHop stations in Atlanta, Chicago and Detroit. | IG: @young_ra 
Young Zerka – Hailing from Albania, this European star has released international hits such as “Like Rihanna” and “Harem” with other collaborations with mainstream featuring artists. Accumulating  views and streams in the hundreds of millions, Young Zerka is a familiar face and voice worldwide. His Albanian identity fused with Jamaican vibes is his most distinct star quality. His upcoming album ‘Part of Me’ is expected to skyrocket. | IG: @youngzerka

As we also present you with some of the dopest talents from around the world deserving of recognition, it’s now time to add their latest singles to your playlist. They continue to impress with their music and we look forward to hearing their new releases in 2022. Stay connected and tuned for more heat that is on the way. Read more on Midwest Fleet Radio and Limitless Mag.