The Top 5 DMV Artists to Watch in 2021

DMV music releases have become a synonym for quality artists, and being able to produce some of the best records out there that go viral. Let’s talk about the 5 best artists to keep an eye on at the moment.   1.Amala: The PG County native had over 500k streams on Spotify, having a very […]

DMV music releases have become a synonym for quality artists, and being able to produce some of the best records out there that go viral. Let’s talk about the 5 best artists to keep an eye on at the moment.



The PG County native had over 500k streams on Spotify, having a very busy year building her name up in 2020. Most recently, she released the official music video for her latest sin-gle titled “Tik Tok,” serving looks in each scene the track has approximately 100k views on her Vevo channel and on YouTube too, the energetic single has an aesthetically pleasing video to go with it. Like what her moniker “The Savage Sweetheart” suggests, the young artist shakes the table by combining confident lyricism with crafty wordplay. 

Amala exu-des confidence in “Tik Tok” akin to traits shared by fellow star women artists Mulatto and Megann the stallion that separates her from the field of upcoming female powerhouses in music as a superstar. She stayed aware of the importance of media knowing the difference a good interview can do while talking with Big Mouf Media, The Hype Underground, and others and she then also opened for major artists like Rubi Rose and Foogiano. 

“On Demand” and “Mojo” are two other songs Amala promoted in 2020, but in 2021 Amala’s flow should be heard by even more people.“ON DEMAND,” is a great example of her savage, confident and high-energy side coming to life and often, with intricate lyricism and a spitfire flow, Amala blends the sounds of the early 2000s and mixes it with modern-day production. Influenced greatly by both Nicki Minaj and Missy Elliot, the DMV recording artist prides her-self in her artistry, creating feel-good, turn-up bangers for her growing fanbase.

When it comes to her sound, her persona, and her overall brand, Amala is unafraid to be unapo-logetically herself in all aspects of her life. The rising rapper is described as “sometimes savage, sometimes sweetheart,” the former of which comes to life in her music.




Born and raised in South Baltimore Test is a rapper delivering melodic notes and heavy bars. Through consistent work ethic Test is building a catalogue of mixtapes that have something for every listener, Stop Playin’ Wit Me (2018), F## Ya Feelings (2019), and The Other Side (2019)

Seven emerging artists worked together on the 1800 Tequila sponsored project 1800 Seconds Vol. 2, joining forces to produce a collaborative album and Test, who appears on four of 12 tracks, sounds like a rapper who is really about to take off. His style of rap is contemporary, that kind of easy-listening tracks that are playlist-ready. Rather than brag-gadocious boasting, Test chooses Auto-Tune melodies and heartfelt musing to emphasize a sincere relationship. A perfect example is “Don’t Stop,” Test’s solo song on the project.

“Once we finished, the staff and people in the studio were walking around mumbling the words,” he recalls. In fact his goal is different from the one of many other artists : “I make soul music, music so relatable it feels like I know you, like I’m talking to you.

Every time I sit down in front of the mic that’s the goal, keeping the music relatable, authentic, giving the real life sh*t, not just the up’s you gone get the downs too.” he said. With all of the previously mentioned being the ground we start from, we can’t have anything but high expectations for his new project about to drop in the first days of may titled “STOP PLAYIN WITH ME 2”.



Syce Wavy

Hailing from Woodbridge, VA, Syce Wavy is an up-and-coming HipHop artist with a pen-chant for writing infectious tunes and relatable narratives.

Though relatively new, Syce Wavy has already performed at multiple notable venues, opened for other well-known artists as well as built a loyal cult following known as “the bridgeheads”. With big dreams and plenty of energy to spare, Syce Wavy seeks to positively influence society with his music and is well on his way to becoming one of the most phenomenal artists in our generation.

He also recently released his latest project titled “Say Less (TikTok Challenge).” which is particularly unique as it makes Syce Wavy the first-ever artist to do an album specifically For TikTok challenges which have been described as a revolutionary move since the way the platform is helping promoting artists and their songs by new challenges that have the ability to go viral real quick.

For his last “Oakland-type” track “SIDE PIECE” he connected with the already well-known California native artist Nef the Pharoah that has previously worked with many big names of the scene like G-Eazy, so after debuting the album “703” with tracks like “plug” and “16”, Syce Wavy is coming back with a new banger, trying to rep his city, coming in hot just in time to be a contestant for the title of the street anthem of the summer. Released on Equity by Roc Nation, this is going to be one of those singles that will be with you on every upcoming sunny day, no playlist can afford to miss this and DJs will surely play it in every place or situation, from their Mixshows all the way up to strip clubs. Be sure to add this track to the rotation, and keep in mind that is also possible to catch up with the latest developments and progress of Syce Wavy visiting his Soundcloud, Instagram, and TikTok. Stay tuned for more!



Roddy Rackzz:

Roddy Rackzz of Drag Season Musik Group and Shagg Gang was first introduced in 2017 as a part of Squirrel Wyde’s Hooligan Express series highlighting independent artists in the DMV.

He is a rising star from Baltimore signed with Def Jam who has been steadily establishing himself as one of the city’s most promising artists in terms of street music. With a gift for nonchalant melodies, he has a knack for making catchy hooks that you’ll memorize without even realizing it. That was especially apparent on his 2020-released mixtape “F— Rap,” where on just about every track he crooned about the pleasures of finally experiencing success after years of the exact opposite. Some of his best songs have come with another up-and-comer in the scene, OTR Chaz, who hails from Rackzz’s same West Baltimore neighborhood.

At the top of 2021, the pair released a joint EP titled “6 Pack” as a gift for fans who love to hear them together and to hold people over until new solo projects drop. “Die to Live” is one of the best of the six tracks because of the two’s synergy, but also because its title could equally serve as the name of a painfully vulnerable sonnet or a ridiculously dramatic action movie. In sound, the song is somewhere in the middle of those two. Brooding pia-no play and thumping barrages of bass will make you feel invincible, but it’s Rackzz’s and Chaz’s yearning about putting themselves in harm’s way just to live a fulfilling life that’ll make you stop and think.



Goo Glizzy:


Earlier this year, Goo Glizzy kickstarted his 2021 campaign with an infectious cut titled “Truth,” setting the stage for some top-quality cuts to follow. Today, the Washington, D.C. talent follows that with a new single titled “My Life,” which features YoungBoy Never Broke Again. Produced by Jay Juwle, “My Life” sees the two speaking on real-life issues going on in their respective cities:

“You ain’t gotta like me just to feel what I say, n##### dyin’ young, boy, I’m tryna live til’ I’m gray, livin’ in my city, that’s the type of chances you take, I’m surrounded by killers, and robbers, and snakes/ And I can only pray for the sunshine, cause I hate to spend my life, my life, my life, my life, duckin’ one time…/”

The clip is presented by Bigg Mobb Entertainment and Metroknome Music, with the di-rection from RDX Films and Aesthetic Visuals, Goo and YoungBoy are with their crews in NYC, performing their verses in different locations definitively adding to the organic feel of the collaboration, showing the type of musical chemistry that could lead to more drops in the future.

It really seems like Goo have teamed up with the perfect artist for this type of track since Youngboy Never Broke Again is already known for his ability to alternate brag-gadocious singles with extremely reflective and sincere ones; he also is one of the most prolific artists of the last years, with a work ethic that kept his fans fed during the worst times of the worldwide quarantine.

In 2021 he has already blessed the masses with singles like “Toxic Punk” and “I Ain’t Sca-red.” Prior to “My Life,” Goo Glizzy dropped Mobbtober 2, which boasted additional assi-stance from Drego, Q Da Fool, and fellow crew members Shy Glizzy and 3 Glizzy. He also dropped “Pandemic Flow” and “Run Away.”


Hopefully, we’ll be hearing about a new body of work from Goo sooner than later.


Kawanib @quetheking