Trap Beckham Taps T-Pain In Motivational Single “Get off Yo Ass” 

Trap Beckham has a new single out called Get off Yo Ass! Take a listen!

“One time for the birthday b####!” You may have heard Trap Beckham’s viral hit single “Birthday B####,” the go-to record to play for anyone celebrating their birthday, but the Jacksonville, Florida recording artist has way more bangers up his sleeve. Most recently, he released his newest single titled “Get off Yo Ass,” tapping the legendary T-Pain to bless him with his vocals.

Speaking on the inspiration behind the song, Trap Beckham states, “I used to date someone who used to wake up everyday at 4pm in the afternoon. It got to a point where I was like ‘Yo, GET OFF YO ASS!’”

When it came to getting T-Pain on the record, that meant the world to Trap Beckham, who admits growing up listening to all of Pain’s albums. Trap states, “He’s responsible for so many hits, it’s ridiculous! So to work with him is a complete honor.”

“Get off Yo Ass” is meant for fans to catch a vibe, but at the same time understand and ingest the message in the music. We all have to work and handle our own responsibilities, and this record is here to motivate the masses who need it the most. 

Trap is currently working on his new EP titled KING OF CLUBS, with some major collaborations in the works. Listen to the song above and go get it! It’s a perfect addition to your summer party playlist.