Troy Ave Leaks New Single “Restore The Feeling”; Preps ‘White Christmas 3’ Project


Earlier this year, Brooklyn rapper Troy Ave had Hip-Hop fans questioning the strength of his album sales and numbers after early reports were low, but Troy Ave is bouncing back. Despite the fact that the low count was explained by the Tuesday to Friday shift in releases, when all was said and done Troy cemented himself as an independent force to be reckoned with in Hip-Hop.  Check it as Troy addresses the rumors of sales and why he didn’t sign with a major on his new track “Restore The Feeling.”

Coming up, Troy ushers in Christmas and closes out the year with a bang by releasing the third installment of his White Christmas series.  White Christmas 3 includes 13 original tracks (listed below) with featured contributions from Yo Gotti and Jadey Jade. White Christmas 3 is slated for a 12/18 release.


White Christmas 3 [Tracklist] 

1. Sincerely from Me 

2. Restore the Feeling / NYC 3. Devotion 4. Perm 5. Givers & Takers 6. I Usually Don’t 7. Down Chick 8. Shittin’ on You (feat. Yo Gotti) 9. Naomi Joy 10. Trap 11. Cash Flow (feat. Jadey Jade) 12. Lower Level #Nutsax 13. Prime Time