Twin Fork Tribe Gets Spooky With “Motel Transylvania”

Twin Fork Tribe Gets Spooky With "Motel Transylvania"

Twin Fork Tribe – a Hip-Hop duo consisting of GIA$CO and Ben Flexin – Gets Spooky With “Motel Transylvania”

“Motel Transylvania” is the first music video for Twin Fork Tribe, a Hip-Hop duo consisting of GIA$CO and Ben Flexin. The video captures the dark and gritty vibes and aesthetics that represent the unique sound of the duo. The video was shot and edited by the talented team Iris Visuals.

Twin Fork Tribe is a two-man Hip-Hop powerhouse from Long Island.  GIA$CO and Ben Flexin are both singers, songwriters, and rappers who bring their unique styles and sounds to the group. When they collaborate, they create a new wave in their music, rapping about pain and life experiences in a smooth and captivating way that resonates with their listeners.

GIA$CO and Ben Flexin are on the rise in the music industry, and they are dedicated to showcasing their talent, style, and authenticity in their craft. They aim to make a lasting impact on the Hip-Hop scene and have upcoming releases and performances.

Ben Flexin draws inspiration from legends like Notorious B.I.G., Wu-Tang, and Busta Rhymes. His style is gritty and authentic, and he’s an avid skateboarder. Ben’s dedicated to staying true to his craft and will never compromise his creative vision. He’s dropped two solo EPs and has performed at Soho House and toured with Rome Streetz. Ben’s upcoming album, “LI Confidential,” is sure to become a classic in his musical journey.

On the other hand, GIA$CO is a soulful singer-songwriter who drew inspiration from artists like Amy Winehouse, Max B, and Kanye West. He blends different genres into his unique style and is influenced by fashion icons like Pharrell and A$AP Rocky. GIA$CO’s mission is to spread love and prosperity through his art and bring hope to those who need it most. He aims to team up with Ben Flexin to conquer the music industry and make their mark as a dynamic duo.