Warren Mckamey, Better Known as ATM Man Man Is The Quintessential Top-Tier Lyricist.

In this article we discuss the hot new track, “Boss” by ATM Man Man

After seeing him featured in the Source, my people reviewed his latest track entitled, “Boss” and they were quite pleased, to say the least.  Once ATM Man Man dives into his verse he quickly smooths over any quibbles about authenticity or if he is a legit solo artist.  His up-tempo and surgical delivery is well-paced and concise, as there is nary a wasted simile or metaphor to be found.   

Once apart of the hip hop group cash camp that was signed to universal records in the early 2000s, ATM Man Man is now managed by Rich Jay (@richjaythe_music_manager) and the two seem to have struck gold together.  Fresh off of “talent show” dubbed a lyrical exercise with world renowned lyrist King Los, ATM Man Man is back captivating hip hop fams both old and anew with his latest release “Boss.”   

The spark to chase a dream can happen early on in an artist’s life. When he was just a child, ATM Man Man was already deeply immersed in hip-hop. He was freestyling and writing raps and recording them over cassettes tapes while he was still at South Waco Elementary.

His lyrics are handled most elegantly when he uses drug production and dealing as a metaphor for his own influence and creativity on Boss: “Got wait (weight) like a ps2 loading, feeling like the rock all these boes (pounds of marijuana) I be throwing.”  His lyrics easily go over the head of the casual music listener but those that understand creative word play cannot have enough of ATM Man Man’s music.  His ability to use double entendres are reminiscent of early lil wayne tracks.

Aside from the brilliant drug/street poetry, the production work from Paul Rogers of Addict of sounds studios flawlessly captures the true esscesse of hip hop.  It is mastered to perfection Allowing the track to be consumed by its audience how ATM Man Man intended it to be.

As we dig deeper into who ATM Man Man is, we find that the title of the track suits him very well as he is a self-made millionaire living in the Fort Worth area of Texas.

Boss take us through nonstop punchlines and double entendres.  The video shot by iconic is just as entertaining as the lyrics as ATM Man Man is shown as a boss handling unruly employees.  It is great seeing an artist that is not afraid to show himself in videos that show off their personality.  I mean how many times have we all watched the same video, waving guns with a bunch of fellas?  It is great to see an artist breathing fresh air into the hip hop and music video game.  

ATM Man Man has making quite a name for himself and I do not see the momentum stopping any time soon.  If you have not already, we encourage you to check out ATM Man Man and his music.  We promise his track Boss will not disappoint.  We expect him to signed to a major soon!










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