Watch DJ Semtex’s “Scary” Video Featuring Cozz and Twitch 4EVA

DJ Semtex

Check out DJ Semtex and Cozz’ new video for “Scary” featuring Twitch 4EVA.

DJ Semtex is used to making big, international connections. During his epic, 15-year run with the UK’s BBC Radio 1Xtra, he gave artists like Drake, Nicki Minaj and Kanye West some of their earliest and most crucial overseas exposure. It’s no wonder these and other rap superstars have continued to sit in his hot seat long after they made themselves scarce with the media. (Semtex currently holds down rival station Capital XTRA, and hosts the podcast Hip Hop Raised Me). 

Now, Semtex is bringing the same spirit to his own original music productions for his label, Seminal Sound. On the brand-new single “Scary,” he brings the underrated, L.A-based Dreamville rapper Cozz together with Twitch 4EVA, one of the most exciting new stars in Ghana’s exploding music scene, to create an epic, distinctive Trap Soul banger. 

With its Halloween references and ominous bass line, “Spooky” is right on time for the season of costume parties and gloomy weather. The horror that Cozz and Twitch 4EVA speak of in their lyrics is not supernatural, however, but the thought of losing out on love. If you’ve ever been in a relationship that’s gone from smooth sailing to shaky ground, you’ll surely be able to relate. 

The video, shot between Ghana and Los Angeles, is similarly full of dark shadows and existential dread. While Semtex and Twitch 4EVA encounter turbulence, fog and torrential rains on their way out to enjoy Accra’s nightlife, Cozz wakes up with the night terrors at home in L.A., where he’s haunted by the thoughts of losing his lady love. 

Check out the “Scary” video below, and look out for more continent-bridging collabs from DJ Semtex and Seminal Sound.