White Gzus x TELA – “Lotus”


TELA is former Suave House/Rap A Lot Records hip hop legend. The Memphis artist was heavily active through the mid 90s & early 2000s His biggest hit single was “Sho Nuff”, which reached #32 on the Billboard R&B charts, #10 on the Rap Singles chart, and #58 on the Billboard Hot 100. The Pioneer for southern playa music returns to make more history with the emerging Chicago rap duo White Gzus. The collaboration for this Mr E produced record happens to be orchestrated by yet another legend So Icey Boys 1 & 2, No Pad No Pencil creator former Gucci Mane official DJ Supastar J Kwik who has been working closely with group member Blanco Caine over the last few years. Lotus serves as the lead single for the groups upcomin Stackin N Mackin Vol 3 release.