Why Dirty Bastard is the Hottest Independent Artist Right Now

Young Dirty Bastard also has an upcoming NFT music marketplace, Dynasty.

Hip-hop music has evolved into one of the world’s prominent music genres and cultural influences, with many borrowing from the industry. But it’s impossible to talk about this growth without mentioning the legendary hip-hop group Wu-Tang Clan. Wu-Tang transformed the hip-hop space, fusing raw sounds, grimy beats, and martial art themes to create a new vibe. Young Dirty Bastard now continues this legacy.

Bar-Sun Unique Jones, popularly known by his stage name, Young Dirty Bastard, borrows from the Wu-Tang Clan. His unique music style has allowed him to break into the industry as an independent artist, with many praising his sound. Young Dirty Bastard’s release continues to trend as a masterpiece, as he combines the 90s with contemporary sounds. His music is a bit laid back and speaks to the young and older generation who loved Wu-Tang.

Young Dirty Bastard is the son of the legendary OI’ Dirty Bastard, the nephew of RZA and cousin to GZA. His background has helped him create timeless rap perfect for a sing-along, and on many fronts, he continues to inspire and encourage his audience.

Young Dirty Bastard developed a passion for music at a young age. He often accompanied his dad and RZA to the studio and practice sessions; this unknowingly contributed to inspiring him to start his journey in the industry. In his early years in the music scene, Young Dirty Bastard was under Wu Music Group by Wu-Tang Clan.

He began his music career by releasing mixtapes. The experience working under Wu Music helped Young Dirty Bastard learn more about rap and music in general as he watched his dad, uncle, and cousin.

Young Dirty Bastard has performed live with the Wu-Tang Clan and recorded songs under the guidance of RZA. He has also worked with Ghostface Killah. Occasionally, Ghostface has been featured on Young Dirty Bastard’s mixtape, A Dirty Tomorrow.

Young Dirty Bastard continues his father’s legacy, creating music that speaks to the heart and soul. On this note, Young Dirty Bastard has created several mixtapes which have attracted massive attention. In addition, Young Dirty Bastard has been featured on the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, Good Morning America, Jimmy Kimmel Live, NPR Tiny Desk, and Hot 97 Summer Jam. His mixtape, Block 1, is one of the top mixtapes. Block 1 comprises ten songs, including “Dirty City,” “Dirty Diana,” “Eastside,” and “Purple Snow.”

Young Dirty Bastard currently works on his album, Brooklyn’s My Blood Type; the album is slated to be released on 2/2/2023 and will comprise 14 songs. He already has some songs from the album released. He works tirelessly to put out about eight pieces before the official album launch date. The first single of Brooklyn’s My Blood Type is “Bar Sun,” which was released late last month. 

Young Dirty Bastard also has an upcoming NFT music marketplace, Dynasty. Additionally, young Dirty Bastard is building a ‘Musicverse,’ a decentralized record label for artists that allows artists and fans to transact directly. Finally, the young artist recently wrapped a 25-city tour titled “N.Y. State of Mind” with Nas, Wu Tang-Clan, and Busta Rhymes.”