With Glasses Malone’s Co-Sign, L.A. Giantz Hit Hard With “Baby Mama Luv”

L.A. Giantz

L.A. Giantz are a group with legendary roots and now they are dropping a new song that talks about the other side of baby-mama drama.

The twin sons of Playa Hamm of the Penthouse Players Clique, Joey WestSide & Deuce Mac, collectively known as the L.A. Giantz are showing love to the “baby-mamas” for Mothers Day weekend. Countless hip-hop songs take aim at the drama of baby-mamas but the Giantz are coming from an angle of peace and understanding for the sake of parenthood even if a relationship has failed. “Baby Mama Luv” is a release off of the groups new double album “G-Sidez” and “P-Talk” which are both now available on all digital streaming platforms. 

West Coast veteran Glasses Malone has taken the two young artists under his wing to help guide their sound so “G-Sidez” and “P-Talk” stays true to that traditional Los Angeles sound even though it’s coming from a new generation that has strayed from that “hood” attitude. But “G-Sidez” and “P-Talk” stays true to the hood as the L.A. Giantz are helping to keep gangsta rap alive and give the audience something from the new era as the genre relies heavily upon classics from the past. With their father being a veteran, DJ Quik being a big Uncle, and Glasses Malone being a mentor, the L.A. Giantz have the best teachers to keeping that true West Coast sound alive.