Young Rapper Ben Sharp Knowles (BSK) Tells How He Fell In Love With Music

Music is more than a good beat and catchy lyrics. It has a way of bringing people together.

Sometimes our passion sneaks up on us, taking us by surprise. This is what happened to Ben Sharp Knowles, aka BSK, when he discovered his passion for making rap music. What started out as something new to try his hand at has turned into a completely new way of life.

Simply put—BSK loves making music. He decided to try it during the COVID-19 lockdowns. Even though he was only making music for fun, he immediately realized how rewarding it was to write a song and share it with others. To add to his joy, his friends genuinely enjoyed the music he made. “I chose this path because I really enjoy making music. I like the feeling of seeing people enjoy my music and bring people together,” says Ben Sharp Knowles.

When BSK got serious about music, he started researching everything he could about the industry. He also started listening to more varieties of music to expand his horizons, but his love for rap always stayed on top. Rap filled a gap in the music of storytelling and gave him the ability to express himself in a new way. As BSK writes more songs, he is learning new ways to express himself and learning to trust the outcome of the songwriting process. 

In the year since BSK has started writing songs, he has released 7 songs on Spotify and iTunes and currently has 13 songs in his pipeline. He is also working to release his first full album. BSK’s next aim is to have a hit song and work with an awesome team of producers. “I realized the reward of completing a song and wanted to do more,” says Ben Sharp Knowles.

Music is more than a good beat and catchy lyrics. It has a way of bringing people together. BSK fell in love with making music because he saw how much his music made other people happy. He also loved the expressive outlet rap provided for him. As he grows his social media presence, BSK will bring his music to as many people as possible.