Yung Dub D Drops New Single, “Heal”, and Wakes Up the Industry

Yung hasn’t stopped dreaming and is continually working hard to see his dreams come true.

Every artist has a unique journey and experience in the music industry. In most cases, the journey is usually very challenging, especially when you need the right connections. However, with determination and resilience, many artists can navigate the competitive industry and realize their dreams. Kedric Dewon Battee, commonly known by his stage name, Yung Dub D, is an American rapper from Dallas, Texas, taking the music industry by storm. His passion for music began when he was nine years old. He would sing with his cousins at his grandmother’s house, which was the first step toward his journey in the music industry.

Yung hails from a humble background of a single-parent family, as his father passed on when he was only six. His father’s death left him and his mother moving from place to place in search of a better life. However, the young music enthusiast did not let his background or past stop him from achieving his goals. He remained consistent and persistent in seeing his dreams come true.

A talented artist, Yung has produced hit after hit that has seen him gain a huge audience and increase his social media followers. Some notable accomplishments on his social media platforms include 100K views on YouTube for his video, “I Did”, 43K on Hush, 65K on Bloodline, and 20K on Codes. He was recognized in Los Angeles Weekly as number six of the “Top 10 Artists You Should Be Following on Instagram”.

Music enthusiasts yearn to listen to refreshing music that resonates with people’s daily lives. Yung’s latest single, “Heal”, has gained a cult-like audience. In this single, attaining love is something Yung created to help others in a healing process because it is relatable, and others need to know the importance of healing through relationships.

At times, listening to what others say about you can outweigh what you believe about yourself. You tend to limit yourself based on the perception of others concerning your life, which limits your potential and derails your dreams. This is an obstacle Yung struggled with because people did not believe in him or his career aspirations. However, he overcame this hurdle by listening to himself and not what others thought of him. He says realizing he is in charge of his life helped him negate the opinions of others.

Yung advises other aspiring artists to never surrender their passions, even if other people doubt them. He insists on taking control of the wheel of your life. You are the driver and not a passenger that rides along with what others dictate in your life. He also believes that you alone know your passion in life, and you should not let others discourage you and underestimate your belief in your dreams.

Yung hasn’t stopped dreaming and is continually working hard to see his dreams come true. His biggest dream and aspiration is to be one of the greatest rappers in history. He is currently working on two projects, and he is very optimistic that the future is even brighter. He dreams of his music creating a worldwide sensation and being globally recognized.