2 Chainz Invests In Billion Dollar Energy Company

2 Chainz

Rap star 2 Chainz is diversifying his portfolio of businesses, with a new investment in a billion dollar energy company led by a black woman!

Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz is expanding his empire by investing in a solar power firm.

After Heliogen went public the entertainer dumped some cash into an industry that seems to be the wave of the future.

2 Chainz took to his Instagram to share the news. The caption read as follows:

“So I invested in this company that basically takes the suns energy and packages it up for reuse even at night kinda like a sun refinery,” 2 Chainz revealed.


The clean energy merger that created this opportunity was between Heliogen and S### Athena.

What makes S### Athena Technology Acquisition Corp super interesting is that the CEO is Phyllis Newhouse, a Black woman who is also the founder and CEO of Xtreme Solutions.

Newhouse and her team initiated the merger between Heliogen and her company, striking the incredible number of $2 billion.

She told Forbes, “We had companies calling us on day one, the day that we went public with the S###. If you put Heliogen against any other company that we were talking to, they’re solving a world problem. And they’re solving that problem with renewable energy.”

As a Black woman, she is also excited to lead in this space.

“We wanted to show that women can serve in any capacity in a S###, with the expertise that we bring to the table. So that’s what the all-women-led idea was, to show that we can do all facets of what is required,” Newhouse continued. “And now we can go out and participate in all SPACs… we always went into this with the idea that we would branch off into many more opportunities because we could keep creating.”