Rapper 2 Chainz To Launch Custom-Themed Krystal Restaurant As Company’s New Head Of Creative Marketing

Accepting the job made the artist the first in the industry to have the position.

Atlanta rapper and business mogul 2 Chainz has been named the Head of Creative Marketing for the fast-food franchise, Krystal. The accepting the job, he becomes the first person in the quick-serve restaurant business to hold a C-suite position in creative marketing.

According to a corporate press release, he will be responsible for “leading the creation of multiple new platforms and partnerships, including menus, merchandising and co-branded restaurants in the brand’s hometown of Atlanta.”

The GRAMMY-winning artist has been connected to the franchise since he was a kid.

“I Remember making plays at the @krystal on the Southside. now I’m the head of creative marketing, looking fwd to adding some Toni to the menu, value to the chain & creating new opportunities for the community. sincerely yours Krystal Toni. #DOPEDONTSELLITSELF

Thomas Stager, President of Krystal Restaurants LLC, stated, “Chainz and I grew up in neighboring areas – both of us are from the Southside of Atlanta. Being able to work with someone who’s where you’re from and who has been ultra-successful is something that means a lot.”

In this position, the “Pop Music” chart-topper will collaborate with the company to create a custom co-branded Krystal restaurant in College Park, his hometown neighborhood.  Premiering at this new restaurant will be a “Luxe Line” of premium Krystal food products aimed to up the ante of the brand. The forward-thinking rapper made sure to include in his deal the creation of unique NFT artwork, custom-curated in-restaurant music, and limited edition merchandise to be made available in-restaurant and online.

“Getting a chance to grow this brand,” Jonathan Childs, founder and operating partner of Golden Child Holdings, one of the primary investors in the brand says.  “[He can] give back to the areas that we’re from, and help direct an iconic brand is a special opportunity. Chainz is talented, he’s unique, he’s involved and he’s real South. I can’t wait to see what our partnership brings.”

In addition to this news, 2 Chainz has a new album soon to drop titled #DOPEDONTSELLITSELF. He is not playing with folk in 2022.