2 Chainz Returns With “The Most Expensivest”

From Dallas to Las Vegas, 2 Chainz takes a look at some of the > priciest things money can buy.

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(AllHipHop News) “The money in the way. I throw it up, it’s falling down. It’s definitely in the way.”

In the words of 2 Chainz, some people have so much money in the way, they’re throwing it at some to the “most expensivest” things money can buy.

Returning to VICE TV on Monday, May 11th, the half-hour luxury consumer show follows host, 2 Chainz, across the country.

On his trip to various cities, like Dallas and Las Vegas, Chainz dives deep into a culture only the wealthy can afford.

The famed Atlanta rapper reviews diamond headphones, a cool leather jacket for your dog, a hotel that costs $50,000 a night and a tricked out $1.5 million RV.

Heading into its third season, “Most Expensivest” claims this is the “most globally irresponsible and financially foolish season yet.”

And taking a look at the aforementioned items, it’s hard not to agree.

In the show’s official trailer, we see a flabbergasted Chainz as he learns the price tag of some of the items he comes across this season.

The show, itself, has generated good reviews, overall, by fans who are generally impressed by 2 Chainz humorous commentary and ability to host.