24kGoldn Talks Working With Justin Bieber & J Balvin For The “Mood” Remix

The 19-year-old rapper wants to make a track with Drizzy next.

American recording artist 24kGoldn already scored a #1 on the Hot 100 chart with “Mood” featuring Iann Dior. The Californian and the Puerto Rican’s track remained in the top spot for a second week.

“Mood” just got a boost when the 2020 XXL Freshman drafted Justin Bieber and J Balvin for a remix of the song. 24kGoldn spoke with Zane Lowe on Apple Music’s New Music Daily about the new version of his breakout hit.

“We got the whole North America, South America connection here. We got me and Ian from the US. We got Justin Bieber from the North, J Balvin from Latin America. So I just think a song like ‘Mood’ is a song for everybody. That’s always been my goal and my intention, make music for everybody. To spread that so that people from all of the Spanish speaking countries in the world are going to understand it, all of the people around the world that love Justin Bieber are going to feel included in, that feels very in the spirit, very, in the mood of ‘Mood,'” stated 24kGoldn.

He added, “I damn near cried, bro. I damn near had to shed a tear man. Because it’s so funny because in a lot of interviews I’ve been saying, people, when they ask me, ‘What’s your dream collaboration?’ I say, ‘Justin Bieber and Drake, Justin Bieber and Drake.’ We knocked off Bieber off the list. Now it’s just time for the 6 God.

In addition, 24kGold talked about putting together his forthcoming album, tentatively titled El Dorado, throughout the COVID-19 quarantine era. That project is expected to drop in early 2021. The San Francisco native also told Lowe that he has one more single likely dropping this year that could include a feature from 2020 Hip Hop MVP candidate DaBaby. He confirmed working with Trippie Redd and Sean Kingston on music too.