2Pac Couldn’t Get Away With Cursing Around Samuel L. Jackson’s Wife On ‘Juice’ Set

Samuel L. Jackson Tupac

Samuel L. Jackson reflected on his time working with the late Tupac Shakur on the set of the 1992 classic film ‘Juice.’

Samuel L. Jackson’s wife doesn’t appreciate men using foul language around women, no matter who’s doing the cursing, even if it’s a rap icon like 2Pac.  

The legendary actor started alongside 2Pac in the 1992 classic film “Juice.” During a recent visit to Sway’s Universe on Sirius, Jackson reflected on his time on the movie, recalling an amusing story involving his wife, LaTanya Richardson Jackson, and ‘Pac.  

“My wife was on that film,” he began. “She was the chubby kid’s mom. And I guess ‘Pac was walking through a room one day, and he was cussing somebody up. And my wife grabbed him and was like, ‘Young man, you see all these women sitting in here? You can’t be in here cursing!'” 

According to Jackson, everyone in the room was taken aback.

Jackson continued: “He looked at her and was like, ‘Oh, I’m sorry, ma’am.’ … He apologized and he left, and everybody in the room’s like, ‘Do you know who that was?’ She was like, ‘No! I have no idea who he was, but he shouldn’t have been cursing in front of all these women in this room.’” 

The moment left a lasting impression on the West Coast legend as Jackson explained: “From that point on, every time he saw her, he was like, ‘Hey mom, how you doin?’” 

Check out the clip below.

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Later in the interview, Jackson praised 2Pac for his versatility as an artist.  

“It was a joy to work with somebody who understood what was going on,” the 74-year-old explained. “As much as everybody put ‘Pac in that whole rapping world, he did go to a performance high school. He understood the business of acting.”