40 BARRS Digs Up QB Black Diamond’s Past False Rape Charge On Eve Of Remy Ma Battle Rap Event

Remy QB 40

Remy Ma’s highly anticipated Queen’s Get The Money battle rap event just got even spicier after 40 BARRS made a dramatic revelation.

With less than 24 hours before Remy Ma’s debut battle rap event goes down in New York City, 40 BARRS dropped a bombshell that sent instant shock waves through the battle rap community on Saturday night (Feb. 26). 

Remy has been making the media round all week to promote Queens Get The Money, the first show from her new battle rap league Chrome 23. One of the rappers battling on that card decided to drop a devastating last-minute surprise.  

Boston lyricist 40 BARRS went on a calculated attack, dredging up the past where QB Black Diamond falsely accused a man of rape in 2009. “WELL WELL WELL look wtf we got HERE!,” wrote 40.  

In the first of a series of scathing social media posts, 40 shared a report detailing the arrest of Jaquasha Pitt for falsely reporting a rape. She was charged with “tampering with evidence, false reporting, and making a false statement,” by cops in Bridgeport, Connecticut.  

The Boston native then listed various details about QB, which she claims confirms she is the woman in the report.  


Another post quoted the detective in the case who determined “there were major flaws or discrepancies” after investigating Jaquasha Pitt’s story.  

The article continues, “police said Pitt admitted that she lied about what happened and said there had been no attempted assault. Pitt told police she fabricated evidence for personal reasons.” 


40 BARRS Drops A Video Exposé 

Then, 40 BARRS dropped a six-and-a-half-minute video intent on proving QB is the same woman named in the article. She used Google and Facebook searches to track down various alleged members of QB’s family to confirm Jaquasha Pitt is QB Black Diamond.  

“Jaquasha Pitt, better known as QB Blackdiamond was convicted for FALSELY accusing a man of R@P3 ‼️,” she said in another post.  


Battle rap Twitter was in a frenzy with fans and media outlets weighing in on the revelations.

40 BARRS is widely regarded as the most skilled pen in female battle rap. QB Black Diamond is known for extreme disrespect in the ring and has yet to respond. Sources with AllHipHop revealed that QB will definitely address the situation in the battle.

The two have had a longstanding beef going back years and got really heated in their faceoff.  

Queens Get The Money airs live Sunday, February 27 at 3 p.m EST here.