50 Cent Claims He Started “Sexy Leprechaun Challenge” After Trolling Lil Kim

50 Cent Lil Kim - Rolling Ray

Lil Kim has gone viral before with her trademark dance moves and now we could see another of Queen B’s bops break the Internet.

Lil Kim and 50 Cent recently got into it after Fiddy clowned Kim, comparing her dancing to the title character from the 1993 horror film, “The Leprechaun.” 


Kim of course responded with class.

And now, expert troll 50 Cent is taking credit for starting a new challenge and took to Instagram to announce it to the world. “👀oh no now look what i started,” he wrote in the caption. “🤭The sexy Leprechaun challenge 😳LOL😆😆😆😆on Tiktok.” 


The challenge certainly could take off; Lil Kim has been known to start a viral dance craze in the past. Her signature dance, made famous in Mobb Deep’s “Quiet Storm” video, first went viral in 2016. It then experienced a revival with many new fans taking to TikTok with their versions of the Brooklyn native’s trademark bounce.   

During an appearance on “Sway In The Morning” at the beginning of the year, Kim explained the origins of the dance:   

“People don’t even know this — it’s the first time I’m saying this — but I was a huge Method Man fan and one thing that I always used to say was he had the illest bounce in the game,” said Lil’ Kim.  

“And so, in the video, I clap my hands and I shake my hands together, and it was something that Method Man used to always do. And I loved that dance he used to do. I did that in honor of him,” she revealed. 

Though Fif’ initially deleted the post after Kim clapped back, he reposted the meme doubling down on the jokes. “All i said was i thought this was funny 🤷🏽‍♂️😆 LOL,” he wrote in the caption.