50 Cent Jokes About Filing For Bankruptcy (PHOTO)


(AllHipHop News) 50 Cent was trending on Twitter most of the day on Monday. It seemed like the entire world had something to say about the rapper’s decision to file for bankruptcy, but 50 did not address the situation at all yesterday.

That changed overnight when the G-Unit leader posted an Instagram picture of himself in front of a minicar with the caption, “Times are hard out here LMAO.”

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50 Cent IG

50 may be able to make light of the attention surrounding his financial ordeal, but a judge does not seem to find the situation amusing. The Daily Beast reports:

Manhattan Supreme Court Judge Paul Wooten did not seem amused by the second bankruptcy filing Monday morning, telling Jackson’s legal team, “This is the second such bankruptcy your client has filed in the last 30 days.”

Wooten said he wasn’t “impugn[ing] the sincerity of the defendant’s application for bankruptcy” but that he wanted to “communicate … the court’s frustration with continuously trying to get this case resolved.”

The bankruptcy filing came in the wake of a jury awarding Lastonia Leviston (Rick Ross’ ex-girlfriend and the mother of his child) $5 million in her sex tape lawsuit against 50. The Queens native also lost a $16 million lawsuit to Sleek Audio in 2014.

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