Rick Ross’ Ex-Girlfriend Says She Was Suicidal After 50 Cent Leaked Sextape In Lawsuit


The mother of Rick Ross’ child, Lastonia Leviston, is suing 50 Cent for leaking her sextape in 2009 with his own narration, the New York Daily News reports. Leviston claims that Fif violated her civil rights and caused emotional damage after he bought the tape from her ex-boyfriend, Maurice Murray, in 2009 and published on his website. Leviston claims that the release of the sextape had her contemplating suicide, according to reports.

Leviston and her lawyer, Philip Friedin, appeared in a Manhattan court room yesterday (June 15). Friedin accused 50 of posting the video to not only humiliate his rival Rick Ross but to also bring more traffic to his website.The lawyer also stated that the Queens spitter didn’t know Leviston, but when Murray approached him with an amateur sextape of him and Leviston, he altered it with his own degrading narration and published it.  He also blurred Murray out of the tape and added his own music.

50’s lawyer, James Renard, claimed that after Leviston filed the lawsuit, her life improved. He said Ross moved her into a gated community in Pembroke Pines, FL after the lawsuit and that it is possible Ross encouraged her to file. Renard also claims that someone hacked into 50’s computer and published the tape before he did.

“The bottom line is, Mr. Jackson is not the one who first published it,” Renard said.

Friedin said Renard and 50 have yet to produce evidence that the computer was hacked.

He also stated that 50 thought he could publish the tape without any issues after Murray gave him permission to do so.

“In relying on Murray’s representation that he consented and his long-term girlfriend consented, Jackson formed a reasonable belief that he could use that video. He is not a lawyer,” Renard said.

The jury will be played the tape later in the trial.