50 Cent Mocks Randall Emmett For Recent Sex And Money Scandal

Randall Emmett and 50 Cent

50 Cent had some words for his former business partner Randall Emmett, who is caught up in a sex scandal!

Queens rapper 50 Cent, a world-class internet troll famous for kicking a dog when he is down, has tied up his Timberlands and is getting busy on a producer/ director Randall Emmett after news broke about his shady character and work ethic.

Randall Emmett, the former fiancé of Lala Kent from the Bravo reality television star from “Vanderpump Rules,” is making headlines after a Los Angeles Times investigation accused him of verbal and physical abuse, sexual harassment, and deceptive business dealings.

The report states that Randall Emmett allegedly pushed Bruce Willis, a top-notch actor suffering from personal health issues, to work on five action films even though he is sick.

Just as sickening is the fact that Randall Emmett allegedly pushed women into doing sexual favors for him and made some women sign non-disclosure agreements about their engagement with him.

He also allegedly told one female accuser he would pay $200,000 to keep quiet.

The LA Times also said he owes a gang of creditors about $25 million.

50 Cent, who had beef with Randall Emmett in the past, wrote on Instagram, “See this is why i made him give me my Money by Monday, then after he had to stay a 100 feet away from me.”


In 2019, the “Power” executive went ham on Emmett after he didn’t pay him back the remaining balance of $750,000 on an alleged loan for $1 million.

Back then, the G-Unit general, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, wrote in screen grabs of text messages between the two he posted to the public, “Keep playing with me and get ya f###### head cracked in front of everybody.”

“You took my kindness for weakness,” he continued. “Now I’m [going to] show you what [I’ve] been [trying] not to do to you dumb m###########.”

He told Emmett he had until Monday, April 29th, 2019, to pay him back and mocked him with means saying, “Money Monday right around the corner. I’m going to bed early.

50 Cent and Randall Emmett are former business partners. Emmett helped co-found the rapper’s Cheetah Vision film company.