50 Cent Moves To Seize Teairra Mari’s Assets

50 Cent and Teairra Mari

50 Cent is not playing around with “Love & Hip Hop” star Teairra Mari, after she lost a revenge p### lawsuit to the rapper.

50 Cent is telling singer and reality star Teairra Mari, “Times Up! Pay what you owe.”

Recently released court documents obtained by RadarOnline reveal that Curtis Jackson’s representation filed a writ of execution against the “Love & Hip Hop” star for the $37,733 that she owes him.

This legal dispute goes back about three years when Mari filed a lawsuit against her ex-boyfriend Akbar Abdul-Ahad for allegedly releasing an explicitly pornographic video of her on social media.

She claimed that he hacked into her Instagram account to post the video on her personal/ professional profile to embarrass her.

She also named 50 in this filing because he reposted the video, tagged it with his hashtag “Get the Strap” and edited the image for his 20+ million followers in a manner that sharply showed color contrast to the semen on her face and skin.

She further stated that she thought that “Get the Strap” was a threat for people to hurt her. We were with you until you said that, Shorty.

50 denied that he did anything wrong, including signaling to his fans to harm her. He also noted the video had Internet legs well before he posted — and the judge sided with him.

The “Power” executive producer was awarded $30,000 in attorney fees after proving that her revenge p### lawsuit had no merit.

These recently filed court documents show that the judgment has been adjusted with an additional $4,492 and has accrued $2,597 in interest.

50’s camp has tried to squeeze some blood out of this proverbial rock. His team has reportedly even reached out to VH1 to see how much she makes.

Still, he contends that she has not paid anything since the ruling was given in 2019 and he is tired of waiting. He hopes this new lawsuit will make her cough up the bread.#PayHimShorty*