50 Cent On Nick Cannon Having 12 Kids: “I Don’t Know What The F### Is Wrong With Him”

50 Cent Nick Cannon

The G-Unit boss admits he has to work on not letting the shade slip out.

50 Cent recently sat down with Brian J. Roberts for an interview. At one point during the conversation, the G-Unit Films and Television founder discussed Nick Cannon’s highly-publicized family of 12 children with six women.

“If I had Nick Cannon’s 12 kids or s### like that, you could put them all in a bedroom,” he said. “Everybody’s here. Putting everybody together, then it would make sense. But I’m not going to have kids like that. I don’t want the responsibility of that many women that you got to deal with emotionally, especially after they don’t feel like your friend anymore.”

He continued, “I don’t know what the f### is wrong with Nick Cannon. This s### is just different. I have to work on that part right there when it slips out. That’s the old 50 Cent. I am the new 50.”

50 Cent has a longstanding rivalry with Nick Cannon. The two entertainment moguls have been going back and forth online for years.

Cannon’s decades-old feud with Eminem likely led to his issues with Em’s musical protégé. Both Cannon and 50 Cent took opportunities to take shots at the other as the beef heated up.

“Everybody was saying, ‘You better not say nothing,'” Cannon said in 2020. “Why not? Ain’t nobody scared of [Eminem]. Not even with 50, ain’t nobody scared of 50 either. I’m like, ‘Let’s go!’ I match energy.”

Later that same year, 50 Cent made fun of ViacomCBS temporarily canceling Nick Cannon’s Wild ‘N Out television show. The media company brought Wild ‘N Out back after Cannon took responsibility for his perceived anti-semitic remarks.