50 Cent Says He’s Lived A Billionaire Lifestyle Since 2007

50 Cent says he doesn’t need the net worth to prove he’s a billionaire to the public because his wealth means he can have anything he wants.

50 Cent has opened up on his financial status, saying although he’s not technically a billionaire, what he lacks in net worth, he makes up for in mentality.

According to the G-Unit mogul, there’s little separation between him and 7-figure tycoons because his vast empire means he has the wealth to buy whatever he wants. Furthermore, as he explained during an appearance on The Enthusiast Podcast, he feeds countless families and pays a constant stream of employees.  

“So when they financially say, ‘Oh you’re a billionaire, this person is a billionaire’, it’s like, ‘I’ve been a billionaire since 2007. I’m that far from where I came from that I’ve been a billionaire financially because everybody around me is being paid,” 50 Cent explained. “Resources that I compensate for people to be there and I really don’t see things that I want that I can’t go get it.”  

He continued: “You got givers and takers, right? People they’ll come and you’ll feel them looking at you like, ‘I’m excited because he’s such and such…,’ or, ‘I wanna meet him because I wanna talk to him and maybe this will happen for me,’ or, ‘Maybe he’ll finance my idea’, right? Those people are takers ’cause you see them once. Then you have the guy that hears you talking about an idea and says, ‘Yeah that’s a good idea, let’s do it man.’ That’s a giver because finance means nothing to ’em.”

Check out the clip below and watch the interview at the end of the page.

50 Cent Talks Billionaries

Despite declaring bankruptcy back in 2015, Fiddy has built a vast empire outside of his success in music. 50 Cent may not keep up with Hip-Hop’s sole billionaire Jay-Z but he is making bank with his television empire and various alcohol brands.

Last year 50 Cent further bolstered his media presence after ditching Starz, where he produced BMF and several Power spinoffs. He signed a new non-exclusive broadcast deal with Fox last year to produce shows with Fif’s G-Unit Film & Television.

Meanwhile, earlier this week, 50 Cent announced he is working with Nicki Minaj on a new animated series. Read about it here