50 Cent Says Publicists And Media Ruined His Relationship With Vivica Fox

Vivica Foxx and 50 Cent

Fif explains just why his relationship with actress Vivica Fox imploded.

50 Cent has no problem with ex-girlfriend Vivica A. Fox calling him the love of her life, insisting he was smitten with the actress while they were dating.

The “Kill Bill” star recently called the rapper a true soulmate, calling him “the love of my life” and 50 took note, telling Kris Kaylin he’ll always be fond of the actress.

“I’m never bothered by when she says that,” he said. “At the time that we actually connected with each other, we were unconscious of everything else.”

And he insists they’d still be together if it wasn’t for meddling publicists and managers.

“It got so uncomfortable with everybody else – when you get pushed and pulled in different directions without it even being her decision,” 50 explains. “Her publicist would say, ‘Do this’. This person (said) ‘Do this’. And then you go, ‘All right, this is not the right thing’.”

Fox shares his sentiment – she told said that if she had the chance for a do-over, she would keep their relationship private.