50 Cent Shares His Love Of Netflix’s Top Boy & “Can’t Wait” To Work With U.K. Actor Ashley Walters

50 Cent

50 Cent wants to work with Top Boy actor Ashley Walters who he first met when he appeared in Fiddy’s biopic “Get Rich Or Die Trying.”

50 Cent showed some love to fellow actor and rapper from across the pond, Top Boy star Ashley Walters on Wednesday (Mar. 24), after the British artist recounted the time Fif blessed an entire cast with designer watches.  

During a recent interview, Ashley Walters discussed appearing with 50 Cent in the 2005 biopic, Get Rich Or Die Tryin’. “Bruv, it was dope man,” the actor said before revealing he became “obsessed” with the New York rapper when his brother played him a tape on the day he was released from prison.  

A short while later, Ashley Walters found himself working alongside him. He felt “like I’ve made it,” he admitted, explaining he would see the likes of Eminem and the G-Unit crew around the set.  

At the time, it was uncommon for U.K. artists to be dripping in ice with buss down watches, unlike now. However, while shooting the movie in New York, Ashley decided to treat himself to a Jacob watch for his birthday. He couldn’t afford one of the higher-end pieces and opted for one within his budget. While he returned to the set “feeling like the man,” 50 Cent was unimpressed.  

50 Cent Is A Generous Boss  

“That’s dead. How much you pay for that?” came the response. When Ashley revealed he spent about $9,000 on the watch, 50 Cent took him back to the store. “When we go inside, say you’re my cousin,” 50 Cent instructed before berating the staff for allowing his “cousin’ to walk out the store with a $9k watch. “Ash, pick whatever watch you want,” Fif told him before making up the difference on his chosen timepiece. “The next day, he bought every actor that watch,” Ashley said of the generous star. Watch the full interview below.  

However, Ashley Walters could get the opportunity to work with the TV mogul once again. 50 Cent took to Instagram, sharing his love for the U.K. crime drama, revealing he would like to work with Ashley Walters. 

“If you watched Get Rich or Die Tryin’ you know why I love Top Boy, @ashleywalters is my man,” Fiddy wrote. “I can’t wait to do a show with him. @bransoncognac @lecheminduroi GLG🚦GreenLightGang 🎯I don’t miss.”