50 Cent Trolls Young Buck For Getting Arrested

Fiddy is back to mocking his ex-comrade.

Remember when 50 Cent claimed in January, after Kobe Bryant’s death, that he would fall back from going back-and-forth with people online so he can “focus”? Of course, that resolution did not make it through the entire year.

2020 has seen 50 continue to use his social media accounts to make fun of other celebrities such as T.I. and Will Smith. He is now once again targeting his former G-Unit brethren, Young Buck, with digital taunts.

Buck (born David Darnell Brown) was taken into custody in Sumner County, Tennessee on October 22 for several charges, including domestic assault. This came just days after his girlfriend, Lucresia Neil, was arrested for reckless endangerment with a deadly weapon after she supposedly fired a gun at him.

On Monday night, 50 Cent trolled Young Buck by uploading his mugshot to Instagram. The 45-year-old rapper/businessman also asked his 26.2 million IG followers to join in on the jokes by prompting them to write a caption for the photo. As of press time, the post has over 11,000 comments.

This is not the first time 50 inserted himself in the alleged domestic dispute between Young Buck and Lucresia Neil. Last week, the Queens-bred mogul tweeted a parody video making fun of the situation. Fiddy added, “Better stop playing with them boys, on Ig Buck she want YOUR [password]. LOL.”

Previously, 50 Cent mocked his “Blood Hound” collaborator for purportedly being attracted to transgender women. The East Coaster and the southerner have been feuding publicly since as far back as 2008 when 50 leaked a taped phone conversation where Buck could be heard crying.