50 Cent Explains How He Shifted Gears As Writers Strike Drags On

The rapper-turned-producer says he is now focusing on reality shows.

Hollywood has been gripped by a horrible writers’ strike that has stopped many productions from getting made. Even 50 Cent has been impacted.

The Queens hustler had an interview with Vulture and spoke about what he and his company has had to do to deal with the strike.

“I hope it doesn’t last,” 50 Cent, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, said. “What it did to me immediately was it made me focus on the non-scripted side of production.”

He even started to pitch reality shows.

“I sold three unscripted projects as soon as people started hearing about the possibility of a strike,” he continued to say.

Adding, “The last time, it lasted for about a hundred days, a little over three months. If it extends to that point now, I don’t know. I don’t see it as a positive thing for the writers that I know that have established overall deals.”

He also stated that studios and production companies have had to change or face getting shut down.

“You see so many people reducing staff and expenses that it would be an opportunity to pull out of those deals. Courtney’s in that position. I believe those projects will get dropped,” he said.