50 Cent Says Young Buck Is Still An Artist On G-Unit

50 Cent and Young Buck

50 Cent is not playing with Young Buck. In addition to trying to collect $250,000 from his former artist, 50 Cent claims Young Buck still owes G-Unit two albums!

G-Unit boss 50 Cent claims Young Buck is still technically an artist on the famous record label, and he is making moves in court to get his money or some music.

In addition to supposedly owing a whopping $250,000, 50 Cent says Buck still owes G-Unit Records two albums that were never delivered.

50 Cent booted Young Buck from G-Unit in April of 2008 reportedly due to his excessive spending habits, and claims that he had not been paid royalty checks.

Fif’s claims seemed to be accurate when Buck filed for bankruptcy in October of 2010 and had his assets seized by the IRS over back taxes.

In 2014 the G-Unit collective featuring 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo, Young Buck and new member Kids Kidd reunited during a performance at Hot 97’s annual Summer Jam concert.

According to documents in Young Buck’s on going bankruptcy case, he signed a record deal with G-Unit in 2014, a year after he was released from an 18-month prison sentence for weapons charges.

50 claims Buck signed a 2-year agreement which was supposed to last for two years, after the delivery of the first album.

Because of their ongoing feud, Young Buck never produced any music under the 2014 agreement with G-Unit, which 50 Cent maintains is still valid.

50 Cent also says Young Buck has been recording singles and mixtapes and further violation of the recording agreement.

Last month, Buck dropped a banging new album titled 40 Days and 40 Nights on his own imprint, Cashville Records

According to reports, 50 Cent is gearing up for a civil suit against Young Buck to address the violations, as well as the outstanding $250,000 the Tennessee rapper owes.