50 Cent’s New Starz Series “Tomorrow, Today” Threatened With Lawsuit


(AllHipHop News) Queens rapper 50 Cent’s new Starz series “Tomorrow, Today” may never air, after Starz was threatened with a lawsuit if production of the superhero show is not halted.

According to TMZ, JourStarr Publications fired off a legal letter claiming that the premise of 50’s upcoming show is plagiarized from Anthony Baltimore’s book, Othello Greene: The Story Begins.

50 has already denied the claims through an attorney.

“Mr. Jackson has neither met the author, heard of nor read this book,” said 50 Cent’s attorney when speaking on the matter.

The concept for the superhero series, reported to have been based on a screenplay from Jackson, centers around a veteran from South Side Chicago who is falsely imprisoned and becomes the subject of a deranged prison doctor’s outrageous science experiment.

The imprisoned man then becomes free and has the intentions of using his newfound abilities for good to reach redemption in a world that once ostracized him.

Jourstarr Publications, stated that it will give Starz 10 days to halt production before a lawsuit is filed.