6ix9ine Could Owe American Express $120,000 After Ditching Court

Tekashi 6ix9ine

Credit card company says rapper, despite how much money he flosses, stopped paying his bill in 2022.

Days after 6ix9ine paid Kodak Black $1 million to rap on a song with him, it seems the Brooklyn native will be dishing out more money. According to paperwork obtained by RadarOnline, the “Gooba” rapper was supposed to go to court to face charges related to an unpaid American Express credit card bill.  

But because he didn’t show up, American Express—the plaintiff in the case—has asked the court for a default judgment for the amount owed.

The artist stopped paying charges on the card in November 2022. The complaint states he owes an unpaid balance of $118,387 plus attorney fees.


The credit card company said it hired a process server who was able to track the artist down in Florida on March 23.

“I observed [Tekashi] driving his Blue Lamborghini with colorful paint splatters,” the server wrote. “He passed by me, and out of his development. I followed and caught up with [Tekashi] at Delicias Cuban Bakery.”

As 6ix9ine chatted with his friends, the server made his way over to him. He introduced himself to the rapper who had “multi-colored hair, face tattoos and was wearing a dark-colored hoodie.” That’s when he hit him with the legal documents.

This isn’t the only or biggest lawsuit the rapper is facing.  

A few months before he stopped paying on his AmEx card, he was sued by a streaming company called Stremusic for $2 million. The company allegedly paid 6ix9ine $150,000 to play the shows and promote the gigs on his Instagram, but 6ix9ine ghosted them at the top of the month. 

The company says in the legal documents that when they finally linked with the artist, both parties were able to renegotiate the terms of performance contracts. The agreement was to do the two performances in January 2022. The rapper ghosted them again, ignoring a total of seven letters sent by their attorneys.