6ix9ine Denies Staging Gym Attack For Clout: “I Don’t Need To Get Beat Up To Sell A Record.” 

Tekashi 6ix9ine

Tekashi 6ix9ine finds it difficult to watch footage of the horrific beating and claims the attack was “cowardly” and ‘opportunistic.”

Tekashi 6ix9ine has opened up about his attack last month in a South Florida gym in his first interview since the brutal beating and denies claims that he staged the attack for clout. 

Despite suffering extensive injuries during the assault, including fractured ribs and a hemorrhage in his eye, some believe the controversial rapper staged the attack in an effort to boost his music career. Last week, 6ix9ine was in Cuba filming a music video for his new song with Cuban artist, Lenier.  

According to 6ix9ine, Lenier wrote the song about a mutual friend over a year ago. He claimed they recorded it months ago, well before he was jumped in the gym. After a “long hiatus from music,” the rapper decided to drop the single a couple of weeks ago.  

“I don’t need to get beat up to sell a record,” he said during an interview with NBC6’s Sheli Muñiz.  

6ix9ine also revealed that he spent four days in the hospital after the assault and is still recovering. He claims the video for the single includes footage of him in the hospital to show fans that despite hardship, “good times will come.” 

6ix9ine: “There’s No Rules” In The Street

Last week authorities confirmed they arrested three men on suspicion of assaulting and robbing the New York native. 

6ix9ine believes the assault was “cowardly” and ‘opportunistic” while admitting footage of the incident is hard for him to watch.  

“When I look at it, I just see hate,” he said. “Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but does that give me the right to attack you? To ambush you?” 

He also described the attack as “calculated,” claiming the assailants arrived ten minutes after him and waited for him to exit the sauna.  

“I’m not mad because I know that in the street, there’s no rules,” he added. “I’m lost for words because you can’t blame them. They saw an opportunity and they took it.”