6ix9ine Backs A New Mission – Saving The Earth


The rapper tells his fans to support the entrepreneur in his efforts.

After being exiled from the streets, it seems that rapper 6ix9ine has started kicking it with people outside of entertainment, in an area that some believe will save the world.

Social media has long witnessed him giving out money to those in need throughout his travels, but now he is not tossing hundreds of dollars to the poor. He has placed his stamp on a guy who made millions bringing awareness to an environmental issue.

The “Gummo” rapper has connected with clean energy advocate Anthony Malascalza and called him the hottest brand in America.

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Malascalza captured the shout-out and put it up on his Instagram, calling the rainbow-haired rapper “the goat” using an emoji.

Both of the men grew up poor and have achieved massive wealth, according to the Miami Herald, and now have an opportunity to give back.

Malascalza is in the business of marketing and selling clean energy door-to-door, boasting a company that was able to pull in $10 million in sales in one year.

He also has a 15-man staff and hired 100 contractors to help with the work. One reason he was able to succeed in the space is because he took a chance on himself.

“I felt like I gained enough experience, wisdom, and money to take on the energy deregulation industry on my own,” said Malascalza. “Even if it meant I had to rely on myself for everything, I did it. I purchased my office space, worked more hours than ever, and started building my brand.”

On the social media post, gave his new friend a boost, saying to fans, “So, make sure you check them out.”