6ix9ne’s Baby Mama Reacts To Brutal Florida Gym Assault

Tekashi 6ix9ine

The polarizing rapper was sent to the hospital earlier this week after he was brutally assaulted at a South Florida gym.

6ix9ine was sent to the hospital earlier this week after he was brutally assaulted at a South Florida gym. Although he’s taking it all in stride—offering to fight his attackers for $10,000—the mother of his child isn’t impressed. TMZ spoke to a rep for Sara Molina, who’s primarily raising their 7-year-old daughter, and she said it was “embarrassing” for her. She added it’s been “sad to see” and “hopes he gets the help he needs.” She also pointed out another embarrassing altercation at a recent baseball game where he got kicked out for being intoxicated. Overall, she said her daughter will be just fine whether he’s in her life or not. But she does hope he’ll consider having security with him everywhere he goes moving forward.

While 6ix9ine’s brutal beatdown became internet fodder for many, he found support from people such as Wack 100. As he wrote on Instagram, “It’s unfortunate what happened to 6ix9ine. He’s a good guy. Life is full of lessons. This isn’t about his so called street situation. This is about decision making on both sides. The ones who filmed and posted themselves will remember this day for years to come. And 69 will now know he has to move accordingly.”

He added in the caption: “They did him like this for Snitching , then turned around and Snitched on themselves … Clout is the New Crack. @6ix9ine I wish you a speedy recovery.”

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Attorney Lance Lazzaro said the controversial rapper was at an LA Fitness on Tuesday night (March 21) when he was ambushed by several men.

Employees heard the commotion and immediately notified the manager who then called 9-1-1. Police and EMS arrived on the scene and found 6ix9ine bloodied, swollen and bruised. He was then loaded into the ambulance and taken away.

Photos of the aftermath show 6ix9ine with dried blood on his face and a black-and-blue eye. He also suffered injuries to his jaw, ribs and back.