Imprisoned Rappers Shoot Video From Michigan Cell, Instantly Go Viral And Get Into More Trouble

Rappers Shoot Video Inside Michigan Prison

A rap video shot inside of a prison in Michigan has landed two “artists” in serious trouble with the law for having contraband.

Two inmates are in deep trouble after they recorded a rap video from inside their Michigan prison cell and posted it on YouTube.

The music video was released on the Family Fed Entertainment YouTube page and is called “In Dis Cell” by 24 SuperBadd37 featuring 82 Treezy Banger. 

The men boldly showed their faces as they rapped their song and even showed officers beating down another prisoner in one clip.

Outside of the audacity of the artists, the video also showed the horrific conditions within prisons, including their liquid substance (possibly urine) appearing on the floor in front of the cell’s commode.

According to the Detroit Free Press, on Tuesday, November 29th, Corrections Department spokesman Chris Gautz said the two men have been identified and placed in segregation at the Macomb prison outside of Detroit.

The issue is that the men had two phones in the cell, items considered contraband. 

Gautz said, “It’s incredibly dangerous” to have cell phones inside prisons, “especially with capability of getting onto the internet.”

 Gautz continued by saying these forms of technology can be used to do all kinds of things outside of providing entertainment and a creative outlet. 

He said the devices could be used to arrange to harass witnesses, place “hits” on people inside or outside the prison, and map out a plan to escape.

The investigation around how they got the phones and determining if the men will face criminal charges is still in motion.