A Year Before Kendrick Lamar Released “Alright”, Pharrell Had The Song For Someone Else.


(AllHipHop News) Long before Kendrick Lamar’s single “Alright” became both a hit song a chant used against social injustice and racist politics in national news, it was originally a song made by another rapper.

In early 2014, Pharrell made an appearance at a Fool’s Gold Party following the Grammys, and ended up previewing a couple of songs off of his iPod for a packed audience. The first song on the video is “Alright”, but it’s not Kendrick over the beat. Although the clip was brief, but there’s a good chance that the rapper over it was either Fabolous or (possibly) Pusha T.

When “Alright” dropped, the original video that teased the original song was deleted from YouTube.

Could you imagine “Alright” being a Grammy-winning song if or Pusha or Fabolous pushed it? We’ll never know, but it’s very safe to say that Kendrick made it the song of a generation.

Yesterday, protesters chanted the song after a Donald Trump rally was canceled in the University of Chicago.