Ab-Soul Recounts Failed Suicide Attempt: “I Jumped Off A Freeway Overpass” 


Ab-Soul revealed he was left with long-lasting injuries caused by his suicide attempt but feels grateful to have escaped brain damage.

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Ab-Soul has opened up about his suicide attempt, sharing intimate details about the day he tried to take his own life by jumping off a freeway overpass.  

The Top Dawg Entertainment artist discussed the incident during an in-depth interview with Charlamagne Tha God while promoting his new album, Herbert.  

“I pretty much finished the album before I did what I did,” he said. “How I’m choosing to take it is — and I’m not giving it credit — but it brought me down to a place where I needed to be as vulnerable as possible, and as soon as I said everything I needed to say, I jumped.” 

Although Ab-Soul left out what led to his suicide attempt, he continued, “I took a leap of faith, if you will. And that was the only way I was going to be able to put that vape down, bro,” he continued. “Ain’t nobody going to rehab for a damn vape pen — s### expensive as hell! But that was the only way I was gonna be able to put that s### down, bro. I know that for a fact… I feel as though God sat my b####-ass down,” he added. 

Ab-Soul Details The Injuries He Suffered From The Suicide Attempt

While Ab-Soul is still recovering from the injuries, he is lucky to still be walking.  

“I lost my teeth,” he revealed. “This is a flipper, I ain’t even got my implants yet. My jaw’s f##### up, I got a lot of work to do still. My foot is completely reconstructed, all the way to my pelvis. Everything but my knee. It doesn’t even make sense that my knee wasn’t affected. My femur, everything was affected except my knee.  

Although he suffered long-lasting damage, Soul is grateful to have escaped brain damage from the suicide attempt.  

“If my knee would have been affected, I might not be walking. I did not get any brain damage,” he said before adding, “I jumped off a freeway overpass, man, it was about 50 feet. I think a car broke my fall. No brain damage. It’s God. That was, ‘Alright bro, now sit down and shut up. Take it all in. Relax. You blessed, man.’” Check out the clip below and watch the interview here.   

Ab-Soul reflected on his suicide attempt in his latest project, jumping from a building in the video for “Do Better.” On Herbert’s closer the DJ Premier-assisted “Gotta Rap,” the TDE lyricist raps, “I even tried suicide and I don’t know why / I know better than most that the Soul don’t die / Took a leap, shattered my leg, and lost some teeth / And I’m still standing behind every word I speak.” 

Stream Herbert below.