Adrien Broner Endorses Donald Trump: “I Don’t Care. Let That Rich &*^! Be President!”

Boxer Adrien Broner goes on Power 105.1’s “The Breakfast Club” radio show and endorses Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump.

(AllHipHop News) – Yesterday, in an interview that is not likely to gain him much love or respect from a huge segment of fans, professional boxer Adrien Broner went on record via The Breakfast Club radio show on Power 105.1 to endorse Donald Trump.

The interview, which had taken some time to arrange, likely due in part to Broner’s time spent in jail this April for probation violations related to a drunk driving arrest in 2015, was slated to cover Broner’s much publicized feud with retired boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Broner’s recent indictment on charges of felony assault and robbery in regards to an altercation outside of a Cincinnati, OH bowling alley where Broner is alleged to have brandished a gun while beating and robbing a man over a gambling dispute.

During his May 4, 2016 interview with radio personalities Charlemagne Tha God, DJ Envy and Angela Yee, when Charlemagne expressed disbelief that Broner, as a person “from the hood” would ever support Donald Trump, the boxer was quick to set Charlemagne, Yee and Envy straight. ” You a damn lie,” said Broner in direct contradiction to Charlemagne’s assertion that Broner would never be a Trump supporter, going on further to state that he would in fact be voting for Donald Trump.  When asked to explain the reason for this support, Broner firmly couched his affinity for Trump as financial – irrespective of any larger social effect or political detriment: “Everything he’s saying is crazy, but everything he says is correct though,” stated Broner, adding, “I don’t care.  At the end of the day the rich are going to get richer and the poor are going to stay poor. Oh well.”

Given these cavalier statements, one wonders if Broner will have the same aloof attitude towards the less fortunate if he ends up being found guilty on the charges of felony assault and robbery hanging over his head that could equal 26 years of hard jail time.

See Adrien Broner’s full interview with “The Breakfast Club” here: