Ahmaud Arbery Was Harassed By GA Police As He Was Rapping

It seems as though Ahmaud Arbery had a conflict with the local law enforcement, before the day he tragically lost his life.

(AllHipHop News) A recent video has been released by The Guardian, that shows an altercation between Ahmaud Arbery and two officers from the Glynn County Police Department.

Arbery was apparently rapping in his car in a park early one November morning in 2017.

Two cops approached him, beckoning him to come forward with him hands up. He complied. He also handed one officer, named Michael Kanago, his identification — again complying with any request asked of him.

However, while compliant, he still was frustrated because he was being harassed for #RappingbyBlack.

The video shows an angry Arbery asking Kanago, “Why were they f##king” with him? as he surrendered himself to be patted down. The pat-down was to determine if he had a weapon on him.

He did not.

This is when the Kanago said that he wanted to search Arbury’s car. Yet, Arbery put his foot down and denied the request.

A different officer named David Haney approached and before asking any questions, pulled out a taser and attempted to tase Arbery.

However, the taser was defective and did not go off. Still, Arbery (though visibly disturbed) dropped to his knees, assuming the position that so many Black men have had to do.

“I get one day off a week…I’m up early in the morning trying to chill,” Arbery told the officers as he sat on the ground. “I’m just so aggravated because I work hard, six days a week.”

Yet another officer arrived on the scene and asked what was going on. Haney admitted that he tased Arbery before he even asked Kanago if he had frisked him for a weapon.

His reasoning to tase him was that he was afraid because Arbery was so dangerous and he moved swiftly for his safety.

Before the video confirmed that Haney was exaggerating, the superior officer seemed to know that he used excessive force.

This incident was three years ago.

Now deceased, Ahmaud Arbery is still being traumatized by Georgia police. After his murder, the Waycross Judicial Circuit’s District Attorney George E. Barnhill released a three-page memo defending Arbury’s murders George and Travis McMichael.