Akon Admits Wearing Fake Dior To “Raise Engagement” For “Drink Champs” Interview 


Akon confessed that he wore the fake Dior “Drio” jacket because he knew it would garner interest in his “Drink Champs” interview.

Akon knows how to capture the spotlight and isn’t afraid of employing unconventional tactics to stir up the conversation, which is exactly what he did during an interview earlier this year. 

The “Locked Up” crooner went viral following his appearance on Drink Champs in July, with social media users sharing clips of the interview. However, the attention was not because of any outrageous statement or old Hip-Hop stories but rather his fake Dior fit.  

Akon pulled up to the show wearing a jacket emblazoned with a logo very similar to that of the French fashion house. Viewers soon spotted that the lettering spelled out ‘Drio’ instead and took to the internet to roast Akon.  

Nonetheless, the Senegalese artist says, unlike the fake Hublot watch he once bought French Montana, this time he wasn’t duped into buying fugazi designer gear. Rather, the fake Dior jacket was a ploy to grab attention, and Akon says it worked like a charm. 

French Montana Grills Akon Over Fake Dior Fit

When French recently linked up with Akon, he quizzed him about the jacket. “I knew I knew that s### was going to raise engagement,” Akon said, admitting the jacket was a fake Dior design.  

He didn’t go to New York’s notorious Canal Street knockoff market this time but says he got it from “one of my Africans.” 

Akon knew that once viewers clocked on, they’d have a field day online. “It just takes for one person to notice, and it’s gone’ go crazy on the internet,” he added. “It sure did exactly what we wanted it to.” 

He shared the video on Instagram, writing: The African love is real. Me and my brother @frenchmontana really Enjoyed This moment.” 

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While he said nothing of his fake Dior jacket during his Drink Champs interview, he did confess to copping a fake watch for French Montana. He admitted knowing nothing of luxury watches and said a man on Canal Street told him he could get one for just $5,000.  

“Me and French got got that day,” Akon admitted.